Belt tightening "rule of thumb"?

I’m still practicing and learning, so I have a question about belt tightening.
I tightened my belts on the X and Y to what I thought they needed to be. (for some reason the X axis was slipping and migrating across the work piece with each pass). After tightening, I tested with rapid movement to all quandrants and everything looked fine. Problem is, when I tried to do another test run, the X axis would not budge and stayed in the same position.

So… is there a rule of thumb that I should use when checking my belt tightness or tightening them? I assume I got them too tight because after loosening the belt slightly, the toolpath went back to working correctly.

Here’s your reading assignment for the weekend. Measuring belt tension, squaring and calibration


Very Good!!! Thank you. That tells me more than I thought I needed but infact it’s exactly what I needed.

Thanks Again

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