Bending Metal with 3D tools

I saw this video and thought of all of us who work with metal. This guy 3D prints bending tools to use in a press using a regular 3D printer with PLA filament. The tools can bend up to 10Ga steel. This could complement some milling or 3D printing activities we undertake.

Two articles on the subject are referenced.

The Jaw-Dropping Perks Of 3D Printed Press Brake Tooling

Need a custom press brake tool? Try printing it


This is my wheelhouse. I make prototypes, and have been doing it for 20yrs. I’ve tried the printed tools, but they cannot replace the laminate tools that I have been making for years. It actually takes me less time to cut and weld a laminate tool than it does for me to make a printed tool, and the laminate tool lasts for thousands of parts. While the printed tool will maybe last a few dozen, depending on geometry and material type/thickness. Now, I also have a dedicated prototype shop with a laser, brake, mills, etc., so it’s a lot easier for me to do this than most. I also have a Stratasys Eden 350V resin printer. I usually use it to make GD&T check fixtures. I’m attaching a few photos for reference.
BTW - I’ve had a close relationship with Wilson Tool for many years. They are one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies I know of in this industry.


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