Best Tool & Toolpath to Machine Knurled Surface?

Having a little trouble in F360 finding the best options to machine this knurled surface on to a flat 90 degree plane.

My initial idea idea was to use a 60deg V-Cutter and a 3D parallel toolpath, but the fusion won’t allow a V-cutter and a parallel toolpath.

I then moved to 2D Chamfer and engrave toolpaths to see if that would work and discovered the misery of that Geometry selection…

I could use a 1/16" ball endmill and a 3D adaptive clear but machining time on that is… (let you know when it’s done calculating.

Mind you I haven’t tried, but have you tried fooling the software? Measure your v bit depth to match what you are looking for on your part. And just put in an end mill setup vs Vbit. Change to correct vbit speeds to match material.

Just tried it virually, doesn’t look very promising based on what’s shown in simulate (lots of plunging). Tool settings below, I tired setting the stepover value equal to the distance between the knrul pattern to force the parallel path to just “fall” into where the knrul actually is; however, this wont work because the distance from the outer edge to the first knurl is not equal to the distance between each knurl.

so eh creating the grating pattern in something simple 2D ish like carbide create would be trivial … sometimes simple for simple toolpaths is not a bad idea?

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Along the same lines @fenrus is going, if you want to stay in Fusion, you don’t need to use a 3D model to generate toolpaths. You can use 2d sketches to generate the CAM.

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