Beta - Toolpath Volumes

I’ve been experimenting with the beta 764 of Carbide Create and wanted to share a screenshot from the (new) Toolpath Volume calculation for those that have not seen it.

When viewing a simulation, there is a new button “Show Toolpath Volumes” just below the Show/Hide Simulation button. After clicking the new button the toolpath volume is broken down by each toolpath. The “Total” of all toolpaths is already calculated, and you can select individual toolpaths and it will add those up as well.


Very impressive addition. Looks like I will be mixing just over 153ml of resin later this afternoon.


Looks great. My one caution is just enough is never enough. I hate to waste epoxy but when mixing color and having to make a second batch it is very hard to match exactly. If you precisely measure your colorant and volume it could work. I would rather throw away epoxy than not have enough.

The question of how much epoxy for a carving has always been a mystery. Maybe this will help.

Does no show up for me,

This is a Pro feature in the current beta:

Did you ever get it to show up? I have Pro and running on Mac, but don’t see that function button

Which version are you running?

I get it in 764 w/ a Pro license on my Mac:

“Show Toolpath Volumes”

Very strange. I have the same build and running on a Mac OS 12.4. I was testing on trial license, but bought the subscription to see if that had any effect.

Which OS are you running? Although I would be surprised if that is the culprit to drop one piece of functionality. Thanks for all the help on this!

What size is your screen?

What magnification are you using?

Try allowing less detail/more interface elements?

Did you Select the Show Simulation button first? That needs to be active to show the toolpath volume option.


Dang Ed! You’re a genius. Duh, that was it. I probably should start the day with a bit stronger coffee…


Thanks for all the help!

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