Better background image handling

Using a background image is severely lacking. There’s no way to reposition it relative to stock, and no way to re-scale it after its been loaded.

The background image should be a first-class object, and should share the same editability as other objects, like rectangles, including:

  • Repositioning
  • Scaling
  • Rotation
  • Flipping

As it is, right now it’s almost useless for designing around an existing object.

If simple I trace the image by hand, It has been hard. Normally I just import it and trace image. That has worked well.for most of them

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Unfortunately, the project I have that I want to add to is very dark. The contrast is too low for image tracing to get a good render.

I understand.
You can change the threshold. It doesn’t always work well.

You can scale & adjust the opacity when you import it (or after).
I just trace at the scale it comes in, then adjust the vectors afterward.

You can move all your other stuff to layers and hide them.
You can also edit the image to have more contrast before importing it.

It is however, odd that you can’t remove the image once it’s imported. You can hide it, but it still remains in the file.

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When you import a pixel image it is possible to:

Scale it — there’s a control for this
Reposition it — this is done by click-dragging

For an example of re-drawing an object in a useful fashion see:

Pixel objects are quite different from the vectors which the program works w/ so supporting them beyond what is already done would be quite a change and would complicate the interface quite a bit — the most expedient way to address this would be:

  • import the pixel image into Carbide Create — measure it there using its tools
  • close the file
  • open the pixel image in a dedicated pixel editor — rescale as necessary and perform any other necessary alterations
  • import the modified file

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