Better integration from Carbide Create to Carbide Motion

Having to manually save GCODE in Carbide Create, then manually load it in Carbide Motion, is tedious and error prone. For example, there’s really no way to know for sure that the GCODE file is up to date. The current way of remembering the GCODE filename just makes things worse.

There should be a way in Carbide Create to directly hand off to Carbide Motion. I envision something like the following:

  • In the same place as the Save Gcode button, there’s another button “Load into Carbide Motion”
  • If Carbide Motion is not running, start it. Otherwise, talk to the current instance
  • If Carbide Motion is Busy (for example, currently running a file), ERROR
  • Carbide Motion pops to foreground
  • Carbide motion automatically loads corresponding GCODE. It doesn’t matter how that code gets to Motion, it should be transparent to the user.

So, it both allows one to save off a GCODE file (as a known working version for example) and fiddle around in Create without messing things up, AND allows the straight “I just looked at this in Create, run what I’m looking at right now” way of doing things.

This sounds like the pre-existing “Send To Carbide Motion” functionality, which doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Latest thread about this I could find is here: Send Directly to Carbide Motion

Actually, that feature is back now, using network functionality, so Carbide Create will find an already running instance of Carbide Motion (which is connected to a machine) and add the command:

“Send to Carbide Motion”

Make sure to use the view G-Code functionality to verify a complete transfer.


Is this a PRO only feature?

No, it’s available to anyone willing to run the current betas.

The only Pro-specific feature is 3D modeling.

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Looks like Windows isn’t available in Beta :disappointed:

Make that current versions then:

515- (FIX) Updated code for “Send to Carbide Motion”. Tested with CM 526.

I have CM 536, connected to the machine, and sitting on the ‘Run’ page with nothing loaded. On the same machine, I have CC 517 with a simple pocket.

No “Send to Carbide Motion” option.

I’m running on a Surface Pro, Windows 10, everything up to date.

I’ll try the usual things (reboot, run as admin, whatever else I can think of).

The order you start the programs is significant, and there’s also a permissions issue — you have to approve the connection when installing each program, and I think there might be a preference for Carbide Motion.

Ah ha! The magic sauce is the Carbide Motion option “Allow Remote Access”! Wasn’t obvious to me since I’m running both on the same machine…

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