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I am trying to cut a simple outline of a logo for our nativity program. When I chose either a solid carbide 60 degree v bit or a 90 degree carbide tip v bit, and do the simulation it’s not coming out right. If I chose under tool path, Vcarve, it shows v carving in the center of the logo with the bit. If chose contour, it looks like the outline is cut very deep and at one point the hands and face of the person on left blend together. I just want a simple out line of the logo cut. Thanks for your recommendations. File attachedLiving Nativity.c2d (1.1 MB)

Well I guess it depends on the look you want. For example, you could pocket the scene with a 1/8in endmill where the outline and text would be raised maybe 1/8 to 1/4 in above the background.

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Which do you want raised? The image and text or the surrounding area?

If you want the image and text to be lower that should be easy, pocket the image, and do a V carving of the text. Optionally you could inset the image twice, cut the original and second inset as a V carving, and the first inset as a pocket:

See: V carve + inside pocket? for details

Living Nativity_INSET.c2d (1.7 MB) (I’m afraid I didn’t have the font you used and had to change it)

If you want the other way around, just add a rectangle around things and offset to the outside twice and assign appropriate toolpaths. See:

OK. I will play with these ideas tonight and see what I come up with. Thank you all.

@WillAdams Is there a particular reason you chose a 0.250 in Vee cutter (#304) for the letters and a 0.500 in Vee cutter (#302) for the border and outline of the inset image?

I don’t have the #304 in my tool library in CC, and in fact I don’t even see that tool in the Carbide3D store. I also noticed that the F&S settings for these two vee cutters are significantly different in your .c2d file.

Just wondering…

Not sure where the #304 came from — should have been a #302 throughout for V carving, and a #201 for the pocket clearing.

The 304 is a bit I put in myself, it is a foos 60 degree solid carbide bit. The other one is an Amana tool 90 degree v bit. I did the 90 thinking it would do the letters better. I really don’t know what I’m doing. I have only found luck with the solid carbide .250 v cutter bit. I have run several tests with the 60 and 90 and can’t get either to do what I see everybody else doing with them. The feeds and speeds are set by what I got from manufacturer of each bit. Hopefully soon I will find something that helps me master these bits and understand what I can do with them better.

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