Bit Setter Piece Missing?

I recently finished building my pro and I’m pretty sure the bit setter was smooth on top with a chamfer, but mine is currently showing a lip with a magnet in the center. Did a piece of it pop off, or am I just remembering incorrectly?


Correct, there should be an 11mm diameter 2mm thick magnet there — please contact us at and we’ll sort this out with you.

The newer ones have the cap so it is replaceable. Some people have nicked the top of their BitSetter. The newer version will make it easier if you were to make a mistake.

Take a quick look through your packing material it might be in there hiding.


Thanks for the replies.

I’ll take a look around for it, if I can’t find it I’ll contact support. Thanks for the help.

I used an iron milling steel for wood and then the magnet hung on. Same for screwdrivers and wrenches…

The collective forum recommended 3M 300LSE to stop the magnet coming off. I bought some off eBay for about $2. Ever since using it the magnet doesn’t fall off.