Suggested adhesive to attach bitsetter magnet to device

When I use my bit runner V2, the probe attaches to the bitsetter magnet and it dislodges. Was wondering what the recommended adhesive for attaching the magnet to the bit setter on the Shapeoko Pro.

I thought there was an earlier post that asked the same question, but I cannot find it…

3M 300LSE should be good.


I used plain CA glue. Just press it thin to a thin layer. As long as your glue doesn’t compress, any glue will work.

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I keep this on hand:

I used a small square and put it on the bottom. The adhesive is strong enough to resist being pulled off by a bit, but it pried up and barely left any residue when I did a test to check what would happen if I needed to replace the magnet.


If you want some 300LSE tape. I can mail you a small sheet of it.

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Appreciate the offer - I actually purchased some on eBay earlier today

Now just trying to figure out what I can do with the rest of this sheet

Huh, I had no idea people sold it by the sheet. I guess I know what I can do with leftover rolls I have now.


Perhaps a strong rectangular rare earth magnet attached with double-sided tape, in the correct orientation on the outside of the BitSetter, would improve the hold-down forces and reduce the chance that the magnet attaches itself to the bit?

Ironically, if the button wasn’t magnetic and just sat in the recess and held by gravity, it would be both replaceable and not attractive to big chunks of metal.