BitSetter “Probing Cycle Failed”

Just putting this up for future reference by the community: if you have both the BitSetter and C3D touch probe, and the BitSetter throws up a “probing cycle failed” message, check to make sure the alligator clip is not accidentally resting against the touch probe.

If the LED on the touch probe is red, the BitSetter won’t work.

Real life photo taken at the scene:


Here is my recommendation to you regarding this. Take a 1/2in X2in piece of Duct Tape or better Gorilla Tape, wrap it around the wire coming from the controller to the probe over the rubber protector and leave a tab by sticking the two sticky sides together. When this is done, place the alligator clip on the tab for storage. It also makes it more obvious to remember putting the clip on the endmill.


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