Bitsetter Replaceable Wear Cap

A recent post got me to thinking about how to add a wear surface to my Bitsetter. Some have already ruined theirs, and I have come really close to doing the same. (I always yell at myself, “READ THE DAMN SCREEN PROMPTS!” :smiley: )

@fenrus, reminded us that Bitsetter is about “relative measurements”, and mentioned placing a “round piece of metal” on top to repair a hole milled into the cap by another user. Then, when I was making one of my frequent trips to the cold box with snacks in it, my eye focused on some small round discs holding the card from the local Weight Watchers society.

A small thin magnet! Problem solved! These magnets are barely magnets, but they are well made, 12mm x 1mm and cheap. Adding a bit of double-stick tape (I used a tiny drop of super glue because it dries inflexible) is all you need to add a layer of protective and replaceable armor to your Bitsetter button.


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