Bittsetter on Shapeoko 4 Standard: Gantry won't move far enough on Y axis


I get to a moment when I must center my bit over the bittsetter. X and Z axis are no problem but Y will not move far enough. If I pull on the Gantry with enough force I can hear teeth and belt slip past each other and my bit is then centered, including Y axis.

It’s physically able to travel that far but the software does not completely acknowledge conditions.

I did try setting max Y by sending $131=860 using MID. This helped. My Y did extend further but not enough.

Do you know if the part where one first “homes” the router could throw off the software’s limits for coordinates? I had an error during homing where I set $27=10 to adjust takeoff. I also messed with my Y limit switch by lowering it several Millimeters below the Y trigger on the Gantry.

Finally, my v wheels for Y Gantry, the eccentric nuts, have been set loosely rather than tightly. I believe I have v wheel slop. Can that be why my Gantry is not going far enough to center the bit over the bittsetter?

I basically have a bit that can not trigger the bit setter because I am not getting a Y value past -427 according to text in debug.

While one can slightly influence where the origin of an axis is by adjusting the switch position, that shouldn’t be necessary, nor should it be needful to change the travel dimensions — usually when a machine falls short on an axis it is because the belts haven’t been calibrated, see:

Then reconfigure (but don’t re-send the Grbl configuration which would overwrite the calibrated values) and it should be possible to reach the BitSetter.

if not, let us know at and we will do our best to assist.

Your v-wheels should be snug. Loose v-wheels will cause problems during carving.

Loosen bolt and use wrench to adjust eccentric. When snug hold eccentric with wrench and tighten bolt. Not holding eccentric while tightening bolt eccentric can move from torque.

As far as homing the wheels are not likely problem but tighten them first. Likely configuration. Make sure router is all the way down in mount.

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