BitZero v2 holder

Upgrading my XL to have a v2 BitZero, so need a new holder for it.

This is necessarily more complex than that for the v1 since we also need to store the pair of precision probing blanks/pins. Since I also now have a BitSetter w/ the removable cover storing a spare cap (11mm diameter 2mm thick magnet) comes into play as well.

Wound up with a 3 layer design, in profile:

which will be cut of 3mm and 6 (actually 5.5mm) acrylic: and

The back plate and middle:

which preview as:

The front is an abbreviated version of the back.

and the supports/brackets are cut of the 5.5mm material:

Will post files tomorrow if cutting works out well.



BitZero v2 mount-back and middle.c2d (389.9 KB)
BitZero v2 mount-brackets.c2d (193.9 KB)
BitZero v2 mount-front.c2d (69.9 KB)


And nary a fingerprint! How did you end up workholding the acrylic?

I wiped everything off with a microfiber cloth.

Workholding was some acrylic hexagons with holes in the center which I use when I’m worried about running into a clamp.

Oh nice - I was worried about these pieces coming loose unless you used tape, but in my experience it would gum up the edges of that acrylic and take away some of the beauty.

I left an onion skin and used a razor saw to cut the parts free, then cleaned up the edges with a file.

This is up on Cutrocket now:


thank you @WillAdams , I just received mine (bitzero v2), won with the challenge #16. Your support is nice. Thanks for sharing.
i can see it on my shapeoko.


I considered just making a holder out of Lego bricks, they’re mostly in storage as we sort out life as the kids are growing up and moving out.

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You just gave me a construction project for my grandson! Thanks! :smiley:

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For various reasons, the electronics enclosure on my SO1, 2, and Ordbot Quanturm were all done using Lego bricks — the Ordbot still has that enclosure (and I need to get it up and running again and re-work that).