Bitzero "Z" ref / Remote jog pendant

This msg is really for the Carbide 3D development team. The fact that, when using Bitzero, Z zero must be set with the entire Bitzero unit must be setting on top of your part is a recipe for disaster. In reading, I know this has bit many users already. Why would you not design this tool to set x,y & z all while resting on the corner base frame? The way z is currently set with this tool is VERY counterintuitive. On this same note, Carbide 3D would do well in developing a remote jog pendant. I see there is wide spread interest in this, me included. I don’t write code, so Jerry rigging my own pendant is not something I would spend time doing. You guys would sell out 1st day this was offered. I know you have the people with skills to develop this easily.

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Antonio, I bought a pendant for my S3 XXL from an Etsy vendor (Jeeps3D) and love it. After upgrading to CM618 I contacted him about adding the “Fast” function and he sent me a file to update the pendant. I find it invaluable when setting zeros that are located in the middle of a project. No more looking over my shoulder trying to work with a PC and wireless mouse. I just checked his site and it shows 1 left (with 4 in carts).

Uh, one can probe for all 3 axes (XYZ) at a corner:

It is only if one wishes to probe for Z only that it must be repositioned.

Personally, I would never zero off of waste board, too many inconsistencies and if you use tape or any other material under work for holding, it will not be factored into your actual part height. Again, there are too many variables in using Bitzero. It should be, mount it on your part corner, touch off x,y with dowel, then install tool #1, and touch the top of Bitzero without moving it. You said that z can be touched on top without lifting Bitzero to rest on part surface, all the videos I have watched from CB 3d do not show it being used that way, they show it being lifted to rest completely on part surface. Then to further complicate the issue, the video shows touching the top of Bitzero with the dowel in the spindle?? What purpose could that accomplish, the dowel is not a cutter and has no ref to yoir cutter.

No, it is necessary to reposition the BitZero fully on the stock to set zero relative to the top surface of it (or if setting relative to the MDF and probing only for Z, fully on that surface).

The purpose of probing w/ a probing pin/dowel is mostly for XY, and assumes one will change to the tool thereafter, usually using a BitSetter. That said, it can be useful to do thus if the tool one is using has a non-conductive coating which precludes using it with a BitZer.

It’s on the way! Thanks, Tony

Great! I think you will like it. One small shortcoming is if you have it in one of the “step” settings and move it too fast you will end up with the “busy” flag in CM and have to wait for it to clear before continuing. But no issues in “Fast” setting. Also if yours doesn’t have the “Fast” setting, contact the vendor and he will send an updated file. But I suspect he will have done that before sending it. Also if you have a 3D printer I have an STL to print a holder for it.

I have read some 1yr old posts indicating that Norton antivirus can possibly cause CM to freeze; is this still an issue? Tried running my 1st job on my Shapeoko 5 today. 1st try, it was 10sec into the first z-down and it froze, spindle running, locked up. Reset, started it again, it rapid over to the first operation and froze before it even started z-down. I quit. The toolpaths all look fine, went through the initial machine setup. I’m not certain i loaded the travel defaults, but it homes fine. I will chk that tomorrow. Appreciate any thoughts.

Oh, one other thing. I get the busy flag, locked up even using the mouse to jog. If you click too fast, it locks up. Caused me to restart machine 3 or 4 times, frustrating.

I am running my SO3 XXL via a MacBook Pro. So I have no experience with Windows and Norton. I have seen no issues like that in the 3 years I have been using it. I get an occasional “disconnect”, but that’s it.

Yes to the “busy” in CM. Did you see my earlier post about that “feature” with the pendant. Normally when I get the “busy” I just wait for it to clear up. I have never (so far) had to restart.

Do you have the same issue when in the “Fast” mode? I haven’t. I generally jog in “fast” mode to close to where I want it and switch to one of the “steps” and slowly move to where I need.

They are sending me a new controller. I have rev 1 because I pre-ordered my machine last year before the Shp-5 was even avail. They must have had several bugs in the early units, at least I will get the latest rev now, hopefully things will go smoothly. I will have the remote pendant by then as well. My 1st job is adding 12 counter-bored holes for additional screws in the waste boards. I don’t want them to deflect after surfacing or future cuts. 3 screws over 24" is not adequate in my book. I plan to run aluminum occasionally and I expect +/-.002" or better with the VFD spindle. Can’t hold tolerance if the base boards are moving.

Used the jog pendant this week, works awesome! Thanks again for the heads-up on that, I snagged the last one he had. Worth the cost in time savings and accuracy. I used it tramming the spindle in as well. I set indicator to zero, then used the pendant Z up/.100" to releave the needle to rotate spindle across the waste boards, then back down .100 to measure next quadrant.

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Glad to hear that. I am always a little reluctant to recommend stuff. I have liked mine.I find it invaluable when I have to set the zeros in the middle of the bed. I no longer have to look over my shoulder and try and move it using a wireless mouse. Did yours come with the “fast” selection? Mine didn’t originally but the vendor sent me an updated file to add it.

Also did you see my note about having an STL file to 3D print a holder for it?


Yes, it has fast option, although I usually use the pc mouse to rapid near where I need it, then use pendant to fine tune the xyz. The fast on pendant doesn’t respond well…Yes, I saw your STL comment; I don’t own a 3D printer. I just store mine in a drawer under my cnc.

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