Black Friday Sales?

I can’t wait to hear if you guys are having Black Friday sales! My birthday is November 12 and hubby wants to help get me the XXL!

Bring on the specials Carbide 3D!! Momma needs a new machine!! :rofl:


I heard a rumor “Buy One Get One FREE”



Yep, and a lot of stuff on sale.

I guess I should have waited a month, would have saved a bunch… But I’m now wanting a HDZ and at least I can save $50 on that. Better than trying a Chinese build for $300 and waiting a month.

Thanks guys!

That’s probably the best deals they’ve ever had for a black friday sale!


Black Friday deals look great…I’m making my list and checking it twice. But a bit of friendly advice–there’s no mention of the Black Friday deal on your main landing page, You have to click on the Store page to see the Black Friday announcement as an orange bar on the top–and I don’t know about other people, but to me, that bar is easy to miss.

Thinking a big read circle, “click here for Black Friday deals” on every page might be a good idea.

Just a thought.

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When I saw the email for the Black Friday sale, my heart stopped. Then when I kept reading I saw the “If you ordered in the last week clause”. That is when my heart started back up and I started dancing!

WOW!!! Carbide 3D is amazing!