Boolean Option Not Showing

I have read all other threads with the same title and none duplicate this.
The Boolean option is not showing at all even though it shows the dominant shape with dotted lines.
See screen shot.
I cannot attach screen shot, sorry.

Any help?

To be clear, you’ve selected more than one closed object while in design mode and the boolean operations are not shown?

Edit: Instead of being greyed out while not applicable, they just disappear.

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Yes that is correct. Both are highlighted one shape has dashed lines. so both are overlapping closed shapes and no Boolean options appear.

Are both shapes closed (black when not selected)? Open shapes (magenta when not selected) don’t work with boolean operations.

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Yes both are black when not selected.

Please post the file in question.

how do I do that, I have a screen shot

In the reply section like the 7th button in above where you type (should be a box with an arrow coming out), is an upload box. Should be able to navigate to and upload files local to your computer.

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Sorry for delay

@Editorg could you upload your c2d file using the same button please ?

Boolean.c2d (7.9 KB)

There you go. Thanks for helping!!!

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What version of Windows are you using?

I get all the Boolean options:

8.1 I also have no option to turn off “Snap to Grid” and it will not save toolpaths

Snap to Grid you should in your main menu.

To save toolpaths, get out of demo mode, or enable the free 1 yr. license:

I do not understand what you are saying here?
I have just set up my machine a full year after purchasing it. Are you saying we cannot fully use the free version?

Shock Horror NO ANSWER! How Rude!

So to get this straight there is NO useable free Carbon Create anymore, is that correct? I am running the free version not the pro trial.


Just a user here. There are free versions of Carbide Create.

I am running version 474 on a Windows 10 machine and downloaded your file and it opened with Boolean operations available and snap to windows as well.

I am using version 474 because I have a 32 bit operating system.


If you get out of demo mode you will then be in the free mode.

Hi Will
I am in free mode, never downloaded trial version. Maybe it is my windows 8.1