Bowls and such in VCarve

I didn’t want to totally hijack the original post here:

So I’ve created a new forum post below:

I’ve gotten a chance to return to this today and play around some more. Definitely found simpler ways to cut a bowl, and some other stuff:

simple bowl

Elongated oval bowl:

Heart shapeed bowl much like the example on the Vecric site:

And a 2 sided full bowl:

Attached zip file with each example: (601.9 KB)

They could all be optimized a little by setting the step over and depth of cut better. These were all simulated with a 1/4" ball end mill, which could also be optimized with some end mill changes. It shows though that you can do a lot with tool paths and simple 2D vectors.



You can actually do a lot of “3D ish” stuff in VCarve without adding an actual 3D model or STL file, like these knife scales I did awhile back (I only ever cut the flat profiles, never got around to doing the full cut). (330.1 KB)

Those go with this kit if anyone is interested in trying it out:


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Thanks, Dan. My wife is eager for me to try this!

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