Brand New shapeoko XXL

Hello all,

I just got a new XXL and finished assembled. Downloaded software and initialized machine. Downloaded practice templet zip file and found zip file on carbon motion 5. I click start job and it takes me to another screen where I click “start” and it then returned me to the “start job” screen. What am I doing wrong? Also another other pro tips?

How tight do you make rubber belt?
How tight/loose do you make roller wheels?
How do you set probe depth without that special block tool thing?

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From what you said you need to unzip the file. A .zip file will not open in CM.

How tight do you make the rubber belt. That is dependent but basically move the carriage all the way to the back and you should be able to get your finger under the middle of the belt and feel tight. You will have to run a while and check calibration.

How tight/lose you make roller wheels? The V wheels should be loosened with an allen wrench, you use the wrench to tighten the v wheel until it just stops being able to move. Then hold the wrench in place and tighten the allen screw. If you tighten the allen without holding the wrench your adjustment will not be right.

How do you set probe depth without that special block tool thing? The pre BitSetter method was to job the bit down to the surface for the Z and place a piece of paper under it. Move the paper back and forth slightly and job the Z down until it stops the paper from moving, set the Z zero. To set X & Y you just move the z axis over where you want to make zero and visually line up and then set X & Y zero. I will use a V bit to line up X & Y precisely, then put in the bit you want to use like a #201 etc.


Gdon, thanks for the reply, appreciate you!

Im going back to the wood shop this afternoon so will have to try out your advice then. I extracted zip file to desktop and then on CM5 software found zip file and from there hit start job and then start on next screen and it kept kicking me back out. It was getting late once I got to this stage been assembling machine all night so I likely messed up something.

I will check belt tension and adjust as you said, great tip!

Additionally I set the v wheels as the book said to. tighted the wheels up until they were contacting X and Y bar and rolled smoothly. I will recheck again tonight.

Funny you mentioned the paper feeler gauge that’s actually how I didn’t have a clue if it was correct. I will recheck again tonight anyway, is setting probe height ok with this method or would you suggest getting an additional tool to help set probe depth, like “special block tool thing”? don’t know correct name and saw in forum and video’s there are additional tools to help set probe depth

sorry for sounding like a rookie, well because I am lol. Im a car guys and don’t know much about the wood wooding or CNC field. My business partner is a contractor and knows everything but is far to busy to spare any time so stuff like this falls to me to get done. Im sure I will be back on here a lot and already learned a lot and very much appreciate your help.

ill add some videos and pics of the wood shop and what I do later tonight!

Hi Steve,

Since you are in the early stages of using your machine, you may be interested in this (free) introductory ebook:

No need to read it all (especially the most “technical” sections), but it could help you understand the workflow and the usage of the various devices, in addition to the carbide3D docs and tutorials


Trying to download hello world and there’s no G-code? its completely blank. Not sure where to got. I downloaded and extracted ZIP file correctly.

hey guys, trying carbine motion 5 software on different computer and cant open software monition and getting error message unable to correctly (0xc000007b) any ideas?

Try reinstalling again except right click and pick install for all users. Sometimes winders is cranky.


Note that the .zip archives were created on Mac OS X so also include metadata files — make sure that you are not opening or working with those.

Got it working last night did several tests with sharpie. Will be back at shop tonight playing and testing more, im sure ill run into some more issues and have questions again lol… THanks for your help!!!


Hey guys,

Another newbie question, i been messing around with CNN and wondering how i can find more .nc shapeoko templets or files. WHere do you all find your files is there a common space where you can share them with each other

there’s CutRocket:


once on cut rocket, created account and at “create a new project” how do you find project files to load.

Just look through the site — no need for an account at first, that’s mostly for making and uploading projects.

also if you look for ready made stuff… there are PILES of .stl files you can cut out as well.
thingiverse is a great source for those

thanks guys!. How do you download the carbine create app i cant seem to download

Please contact us at about difficulties with downloading Carbide Create.

it now has downloaded, next issue, when creating in carbine create then transfering to carbine montion, how do you convert .c2d file into svg or something that carbine motion ccan use

@sarmst37 You need to generate toolpaths. Have you seen this?


Carbide Motion doesn’t load SVGs, instead G-Code as @neilferreri noted.

Please also see:

Have you done one of the tutorials?


hey guys trying to pocket crave out a design with raised letters in the middle and a raised boarder around the edge with slight nodes, created template in carbine create and when looking at sim it appears that the pocket will cut over all the raised lettering