Breaking file into smaller parts

Fair enough. Honestly, I can’t even see a difference between normal and high. If the tool would let me, I would probably try doubling it again to .2mm or even .5mm just to see if the speed was worth it.

I am running it at 200% and it’s cutting through this mahogany like butter.

you can set the stepover size in the gui… it’s editable!

I think it is getting overridden by your calculate precision field, because the file size is the same at 0.1mm as it is at 0.5mm

that would be a bug… time to debug :wink:
thanks for the report

(bug behavior confirmed, now to figure out what is going on)

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ah ha. Fixed.

Now if you enter a manual value, no tool ratio will override anymore.

That works great. Thank you so much. That cut my carve time down even more than I expected. I set it to 0.2mm and the file shrunk from 39.1 to 11.3. You are awesome.

I think the only think it is missing is a field to select your material and have it auto-adjust the feeds and speeds. lol

I really can’t thank you enough. This tool is amazing.

yeah I’ve been thinking about such a drop down box when I was doing an 12+ hour MDF cut…

MDF really does cut like butter. It’s not technically complicated to build that box… the messy part is which multipliers to use for the materials… I could make a “custom” field as well for this multiplier in addition to a drop down

btw I’m not surprised on the impact of going from 0.1 to 0.2… the impact on file size is more or less square of the delta in stepover (2D and all that)… time gain is mostly only linear though

(it’s “almost” square since the tool has some dynamic behavior; in the X axis, if there is a large Z delta, it will take smaller steps than the stepover, and that is a higher probability of happening at larger stepovers)

ok basic manual entry box implemented; Drop down with materials is not much harder just need to ponder what values to use for what material

The French in me cannot resist the temptation to note that it’s actually spelt “C’est La Vie” :slight_smile:
But interestingly, ask any French to pronounce “C’est Le Vie” and they will do it with an American accent.
Ok, I’ll stop disrupting this thread with random irrelevant comments now :slight_smile:


Hey, the tool works great. File size is perfect. The only thing I am finding is that once I zero it after the tool change, I have to drop the Z to -1.5-2mm to really get good resolution. At 1.5 it compensates for the slope with the 1mm endmill, but it still leaves a few minor marks from the roughing pass and the 1/4" inch endmill. Again, nothing major and easy enough to work around. Just thought you might like the feedback.

I like the speed adjustment. I must admit, that I have been setting it to 2. Then adjusting up or down as needed, giving me the range of 100-300% in CM.

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hmm I will check the stock-to-leave on the #201 bit… it shouldn’t be doing marks
thanks for the report


is there any kind of pattern to the marks on where they happen in the design?
or it it just everywhere


It’s only where it did individual plunges. The marks are individual circles the size of the endmill.

So, basically it looks like there are a bunch of injection mold spots around the carving. Again, not very deep.

if it was the individual plunges at the very end of roughing… then I think those were a bug that I fixed earlier this morning. There was an attempt to keep sharp edges straight, which is fine for finishing pass, but for the roughing pass the right answer would have been to just stay away from it… which the tool now does


note that if you have some example stl file that shows this I always welcome those :slight_smile: (I appreciate that many files aren’t shareable obviously)

also for fun, at Test cuts with the newly installed spindle I showed a small extra tool on top that allows you to cut a design into the 3D carved design using carbide create gcode


That’s awesome. Figuring out how to do something like that was on my bucket list.
Also on my list is figuring out how to make my own STL files.

I am converting a new set of files now and going to re-run the design. I will let you know how it turns out.

One of the more popular tools to make STLs seems to be “blender”.
Not for the faint of heart. But lots of good youtube tutorials

Maybe I will check it out some time. I downloaded 3D Builder yesterday but haven’t done anything with it yet.

I don’t get nearly as much time as I would like to put into my hobby.

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