Breaking images in half

I think I know the answer to this question. Making an edge-lit sign with poly. It will be lit from the bottom. On previous projects, I was not satisfied with the way the light got to the top of the sign. The depth of the cuts was consistent from top to bottom. On a few projects, I had images scaped from bottom to top. I had the depth of cut less at the bottom, deeper at the top. Light traveled farther up the sign.

Can I do deeper depths at the top of my image? No, I don’t have PRO.

So I was thinking of cutting my images into sections. I think I have answered my own question. If I do that I would have to create closed vectors thus creating a line that would be seen.

Am I right? (46.9 KB)



Thank you Will. I did not see this when I did my search. I will give this a go tonight.

Instead of cutting the image in half, I would try putting a shim under the top of the image (or the side farthest from the edge lighting) then the depth of cut would vary without any extra visible lines. Your stock would need to be stiff enough to be unsupported in the middle, but with shallow depth steps it should work.


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