Cabinet Door help

Need advice, I’ve built many cabinets and always done my door design (Rail and Stile, Raised panel) with a hand held router. How easy, or is it possible to do on my cnc? I have plenty of bits but they are all 1/2 shank which won’t fit the shapeoko.

We had a lengthy bit of discussion about this sort of thing which exposed a bug (since fixed) in Carbide Create Pro’s image import:

My suggestion would be to work up designs which are suited to the machine’s capabilities.

Possibly with fluted toolpaths for the raised panel? VCarve has them. I’ve used them to make angled morrises with great success.

If you are talking about stopped rabbet/dados, not sure the cnc would be best bet. I use a dado stack on my table saw.

I have made a lot of cope and stick doors. I like flat panels and use 1/4 inch plywood for the panels.

For the cnc you could make half lap rails and stiles. The grove for the panel could also be made on the cnc after remounting stiles and rails. The panels could be made with a 3d model.

If these are utility cabinets you could use mdf and cut molding profiles pn door face with 3d models.

I think it would be a wash of labor and time to stick with router table traditional cope and stick bit sets.

Having a cnc does not mean you have to replace every tool in your shop with cnc. Ig you only have a cnc it could be done.

I perfer to run all in long lengths for stile profile and cut to length and then run rail profile.

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