Door panel help, PLEASE!

I’m relatively new to the CNC game. Still trying to learn the software. Well I’ve promised my wife I could make something that I’m struggling to follow through on. I’d appreciate it if some of you more seasoned folk can help me out.

It’s a door panel that measures 26 7/8" X 19 7/8". From top to bottom the stock will be 1 1/2" thick. The actual diamond shape will be added to the rectangular base of 3/8" thick. So the height of the diamond shape will be 1 1/8" (to give the 1 1/2" total). The dimensions of the diamond shape will be offset to the inside of the total length & height dimension by 1".

I’m really having trouble modeling it in carbide create. Please help!

Uh, we covered this:

Yeah, I thought so too. But carbide create will not render the grayscale image correctly in 3D.

Post the file you’re having trouble w/?

Sorry, I’m not sure how to do that.

To model this in Carbide Create it should work to make the file twice the size and model something half height across the width:

Then subtract things down to the base height:

I’m trying, and I wish this made more sense to me. But I’m still struggling to understand and follow your instructions.

Please write in to and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out.

While I’m not able to puzzle out a way to 3D model this in Carbide Create, it can be cut in Carbide Create — just the stock size as a square and make a series of rectangles and triangles:

Then dupe it as two files and model the top/bottom and left/right slopes in each and cut them:

To do the cutting, select the triangles which one wishes to cut out and offset by the radius of the endmill which will be used:

Cutting the two attached files sequentially should yield the desired cut:

26_875_19_875_doorpanel_2 of 2.c2d (98.2 KB)
26_875_19_875_doorpanel_1 of 2.c2d (96.3 KB)

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Thank you. I’ll give this a shot. I hope at some point my mind will work the way yours does (at least to a degree) with this stuff.

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We went through that file and just found the problem. CC was not importing PNG files with a transparent background correctly. It’ll be fixed in CC 611 when it’s released.


Here is the finished product from your amazing help! Thank you so much!! Sorry, the only pic I have now is from in the dark.


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