I'm trying to make a panel for my front door

I’ve looked for a grayscale 3d of a pyramid shaped like the bottom panel of the door but can’t find anything close. Every one I find is perfectly square.

Regrettably I don’t know how to create the image. But it will measure 26 7/8” x 19 7/8” as a finished product. If anyone can help out it’d be greatly appreciated.

I don’t do grayscale but I’d be more than happy to build you a 3-D model of the door panel. To do so I will need the height difference between the peak in the low point. Just let me know what file format.

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Easily drawn up in a vector editor which has blends/gradients, or it should be possible to model it in Carbide 3D and then export as a PNG.

Here’s a .zip of a PNG:

26_875_19_875_gradient.zip (123.1 KB)

I sure appreciate the prompt help. You guys are awesome!

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