Cad Files for the nomad hole patterns?

I’m doing some modifications to my Nomad and while I’ve done a decent job of modeling it in solidworks. Getting the bolt patterns exactly right for mounting the vertical beams to the sides of the base is difficult without dismantling the entire thing. Plus you also have to account for the coating thickness offsetting the calipers actual measurement. So does anyone know if there is an exact cad of at least the hole patterns? If not, hopefully Carbide 3D could be so generous to provide some details to us users who want to spoof up their machine?

Please see:


Great thank you for your fast response Will.
While I do have the threaded table modeled, its the 3 hole pattern that fixes the 2 vertical columns to either side of the entire machine. They look to be 3"x 5/8" bars but the 3 socket cap screws and their exact position on that bar are what I need. I’m aiming to raise the Z axis a bit, so I need to precisely machine new vertical columns that will mount to that hole pattern. That’s why knowing the exact location is so important.
If it’s an issue of me trying to steal the designs or something, I promise its just for my own personal use on my machine. Just need more Z haha.

My apologies. Those dimensions haven’t been made available — not sure if they would be. Contact us at to ask.

Great thank you, I will.

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