Caged Goose (A Crazy Gift Idea)

(Richard Cournoyer) #1

Introducing the Caged Goose.

A #shapeoko3 made liquor cage, work of art/gag birthday present.

Made from 3/16 hot rolled steel plate and eight 1/4 steel bars. All the steel is TIG welded, sanded, and painted for aesthetics. It also features an anti-tampering CNC machined cap cover.

It captures a bottle of Graygoose L’Orange flavored vodka.

Part art, part joke gift, all passion.

All programmed in #carbidecreate of course.

23622304_10211020528853838_3663651409286550034_n21 AM


(David) #2

Is everything welded together so the bottle is permanently trapped? Or is it some sort of puzzle box that can be solved and opened?

Also, how did you machine such crisp finger/box joints in the presentation box?



(Richard Cournoyer) #3

Permanently trapped? Oh YES! (This is a nice way of saying…stop drinking…lol)

Finger joints: 1) I use this program to make the box: (( Be careful of the sizes because what it says it will cut is NOT what it cuts…meaning check before cutting. 2) I then my Die Filer machine to square up the corners (for that tight fit)