Calling All Makers: Carbide Community Weekly Build #2 Closed

Carbide Community weekly Build Competition #2 - YOU GET TWO WEEKS THIS TIME (SEE DATES AT END OF POST).


Theme: Jewelry – Continue perfecting your box for jewelry storage, design a necklace/ring stand, make some jewelry yourself! Get creative :slight_smile: Inlay earrings? Wood bracelet? PCB necklace? Etc. etc.

Material: Maker’s Choice

Machine: Nomad or Shapeoko

Tool: Your choice

Required Info in your Post:
Photos! The More the better.
A) Materials used
B) Cutters
C) Design software used to create your project
D) Machine used

…And these additional details I would think would help earn votes from the Community but are not required:
E) Work-holding
F) Finishing
G) Sourcing of supplies is often very helpful.
H) Concept Sketch
I) Machining Time
J) Carbide Create .C2D file

Voting will be done with the heart, the post that gets the most likes wins.

@robgrz Rob Grzesek Said carbide3d will provide the prizes.

The winner each week will start the challenge off for the following week so be ready with ideas. You will get to decide the theme/rules/tools/materials and whatever

The idea here would be somthing simple (its only a week…two weeks this time) and something most people have on hand, ie scrap/scrapwood/pallet wood would all make great weekly choices.

This weeks build is from 3/16/2017 to Wed 3/29/2017 post as many projects as you want. This time around it’s two weeks since I’ll be on vacation and unavailable for a solid week.


The earrings were made with left over pen blank from olive wood from Jerusalem inlaid into the end grain of black palm. I used a cheap 1/32 bit from ebay on my stock Shapeoko 3. I used fusion 360 to do the sketch and export a .dwg, converted it in inkscape and created the tool paths with As you can probably guess I made these before the Carbide Create software was available. My speeds and feeds were very conservative due to the inexperience with the small bit and limited material.

After putting the parts together I sanded the shape to make it look rustic. Drilled a tiny hole and super glued in the earring hardware. The wooden part is only about 0.7" tall.

My Wife Loves them!


Link to my Mechanical Iris Locking Ring Box post here: Mechanical iris lock box for ring


Only a few days left!

Finally off the boat and have cell service again…if you haven’t made anything, get those ideas spinning and create something :grin:

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Last day!

Not much participation on this one :frowning:

I think Andrew has this one in the bag.

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Agreed. Andrew definitely has this one in the bag.

link to cross necklace made with Shapeoko 3
Small cross with inlays in purpleheart


Great job everyone looks like @burgchevap will get week 3 build going later today 3/30/17

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Not sure when/if prizes will be sent out? @robgrz @ApolloCrowe I’m sure the Carbide3d team is busy, haven’t heard anything from week 1.