Can I use Aspire to dirive this router

I have Vectric Aspire from sign making shop I had.
Can i drive this router with it?
I am very comfortable with it.
Thank You

That will depend on the licensing for the copy of Vectric Aspire you have — some are tied to/bundled with specific hardware — if that’s the case for your copy you will need to contact Vectric and work out how this would be handled.

If it is not so encumbered it should “just work” — Vectric has included a post-processor for our machines since v8.5, but see:

Perfect, I’m considering buying a Shapeoko 5 Pro for home use.
Had a Multicam 1000 at the shop and am looking to scale down a bit.
love doing 3D HDU foam signs.

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Vectric works perfectly fine with my machine. 5 pro

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