Can you upgrade 3 with 4 parts

Ok might be jumping the gun but who doesn’t like a good upgrade?
Can you upgrade to 15mm belts and hardware??
Also the the v wheels??

Doesn’t seem like there’s much shared to upgrade.
From the blog:
Can I upgrade a Shapeoko 3 to a Shapeoko 4? Unfortunately no. If there are any shared parts between the machines, I can’t think of them. Like the Pro, it’s all-new.


15mm belts would require replacing the motors w/ ones w/ longer shafts — not really economically feasible.

There have been some folks who have replaced the X-axis motor — that might be a reasonably good “bang for the buck” upgrade which would also afford the possibility of 15mm belts for the X-axis (would also need longer alu. spacers for the motor and replacement belt anchors) — it wouldn’t be a supported thing though.

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@LiamN is running 15mm belts on his SO3, if I’m not mistaken…

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I am indeed.

The bigger V wheels sound interesting, but I’m guessing that all the mounting metalwork is different to accomodate the size so likely not a reasonable upgrade. I’ve gone to linear rail on the X which is where the bulk of the deflection problems come from.

I am running some experimental belt alternatives on my used-to-be-SO3, at the moment I have a twin 3MGT 15mm belt system which feels like you could tow a trailer with it. As noted above though, there’s a big chunk of custom metalwork on there. It’s Dan’s rail upgrade design with some extra stuff.

The next bit of measurement I’m planning to do is to figure out what the stepper motor rotation deflection is under axis loads. As I put together this new belt system it seemed that stepper deflection had become the dominant component. This is also consistent with the errors I observed between the model and measurements in my analysis of where the deflections came from.

On the bigger stepper front, it’s a real snakes & ladders thing. The bigger steppers have a higher holding torque, but at the limited voltage available from the Shapeoko driver this torque drops of very quickly as the axis movement speed goes up. Measuring the holding torque or force when the axis is stationary isn’t really useful as it’s fairly unlikely that you’d get a deflection or missed steps issue when the machine isn’t moving… Instead we’re interested in the torque supplied whilst moving and that’s a much more variable target.

All that being said, if you were to buy longer spacers, the ‘usual’ Amazon / Stepperonline replacement motor

and some 15mm GT2 belt from Powge Transmission Parts Store on Aliexpress along with a 20Tooth 8mm bore 15mm wide pulley for your stepper, that might provide some unsupported entertainment.

I would start with the X axis as this is the major source of deflection and vibration, only after that would I bother messing with the Y axes.


With Carbide3D eventually moving away from production of the S03, I wonder what the future of the Z-plus upgrade is (for the belt z owners out there)?

If there was an option to get the S04 Z-axis with the new v-wheels and 15mm x-axis belt, with some adapted 15mm belt anchors I’d buy it in a heartbeat! It would be well within their current production WHEELhouse, with the exception of the adapted belt anchors, but maybe I’m overestimating the simplicity of that (likely)?

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