Can you use traditional bits

Can you use a traditional bits, like a round over or cove bit with a Shapeoko? Not sure I would ever want to, but just curious. They would all be 1/4" shanks. Not sure how you would zero them if they had ball bearing tips.

Yes, if they don’t have bearings — do not use any tooling w/ bearings in a CNC — it’s too likely to get hung up in a cut if there’s a movement into the stock. Instead, set up a router table if need be.

Unfortunately, Carbide Create can’t model the cutting geometry for them, so you have to take any generated toolpaths on faith — wrote a bit about using roundover/cove bits at:

Fair enough. That’s what I was thinking may be the case. It was more curiosity than anything else. Thanks for the quick reply.

I use core box router bits all the time (Without bearings).
I have used 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4



I can see this being handy with doing grooves in cutting boards.

Tell us how you use the core box bits.

That’s what i use them for mostly. Cutting groves in cutting boards. I have also used them to cut flutes (groves) in the front panels of a fireplace surround that i made and a few other projects


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Here’s the tool setup i use for a 1/2 Core Box Bit.
Just change the diameter for other sizes.

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Do you have a depth of cut of .5"? Do you cut .5" full depth all at once? Seems a lot for a Shapeoko.

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I use a Max Depth of 0.150 and a Depth Per Pass of 0.05. So it makes three passes. I am usually cutting Oak or Walnut. For soft wood like pine you could probable do a larger depth per pass. The depth of 0.5 on the tool setup screen is only the max depth of cut the bit is capable of but i’ve never had to cut that deep.

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Depending on the diameter of the bit you are using you need to adjust the depth of cut deep enough to get a cut that is the full width of the bit. If your using the 3/4 inch core box bit that would be about 3/8 of an inch. For a 1/2 inch or 1/4 core box but it would be a little less. The settings i gave above are for the 1/2 core box bit.

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If you wanted flutes that didn’t go past the end of the project… would you just make an extremely narrow box or with the new update to CC could you do an open vector for flutes?

Specifically the core bit

Not sure what you mean, past the end of the project. I don’t have open vector in the version of CC i am using. Here’s a sample file using a box core bit

Cutting Board - 11 x 20 W_ V Carve Letters.c2d (128.8 KB)

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