Cant read the tabs once they open

the fonts are so small and there is no way to proceed with any job . i have updated to the most recent version , i have uninstalled and reinstalled nothing clears up this font issue . if i was to post ascreenshot of it you would be unable to read as i am .

You can size the font when creating or use the scale function when selected. Could that be the issue?

What happens if you change the number in Font Height to something large, like 3 inches? You should also be able to zoom in on the selected text in the grid window.

As noted at:

in Windows, certain text, including the Tab text doesn’t scale up.

Would using a Mac be an option?

Reduce the screen resolution so that the pixels are effectively larger?

Please let us know the specifics of your computer and its video card and screen.

Are you talking about text that you enter as a design element into your project, OR are you talking about the text that the program shows in things like menus and dialog boxes?

magnifier doesn’t work plus all other programs are working just fine .

Can you post a screenshot? We aren’t sure which text you mean.

i am talking about the dialog boxes i think . its where you input your information for the job

If you are Windows-based computer.
Settings, Display, Scale and Layout.

Select a higher setting.

Hope this helps

The problem is that when those are changed, certain UI elements in Carbide Create do not change in size (as noted in my link).

i tried that and it did nothing for the open tab can not show you on another program via snip it . all derivers are up to date also . o every other program i run it works normally .

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