Screen sizes and screen scaling settings

Finally broke down and bought a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy Book 12, and thought it would be interesting to show how screen dpi and Windows screen scaling settings interact.

The min. system requirement for Carbide Create is:

  • Screen Display: 1280 x 1024

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 which I bought has a native screen resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, and scaling settings from 300% down to 100%.

300% should be effectively 960 x 600 pixels:

which breaks down a bit.



200% (Recommended):


150% (which is what I am using, and is what I was using on the GB12 which has roughly the same 212ppi effective screen resolution):



I’m just glad @robgrz is paying you enough to upgrade your machine :slight_smile: You deserve it!


CC Font rendering is all over the map with screen scaling - change the scale, and text will render at a different size compared to other elements like circles. Even worse, transfering files between machines with different screen scales will rescale text.

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