Carbide Create Beta 760

Rob, I was able to duplicate it.

Create a circle. Edit the vector, and try to “Cut Vector” at the same node twice without exiting the edit.

When I tried to do this I got a cut vector immediately which allowed the new node to be moved:

Re-cutting an already cut node isn’t crashing here.

OK, now I’m only occasionally getting a vector that won’t cut, and only at one specific node.
I’m guessing internally the start/end node?? Hmm, nope. It only seems to be happening on the left node of my circles. Upper right node on a rectangle.

Ah, to reproduce what I experienced, select Cut Vector twice on a node where it actually works.

It also crashes on an open vector, but only seems to crash at one end, not the other??

Admittedly, not a typical situation. I just tried it twice after it was failing to cut the vector.
The real bug is that is doesn’t work on all nodes. And probably should be greyed out on a node that can’t cut.

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Tried to reproduce Tod’s bug, but wasn’t able. However, I found another:

after cutting two nodes of a rectangle, it goes pink and no nodes are selectable. If i click Done, this returns me to the edit view, but nothing is selected. clicking the text for open selected: 1 vector - select vector or close vector does nothing. If i click outside the rectangle this returns me to the setup menu, clicking the rectangle again selects it and now closing it works.

Some of the buttons and dialogs don’t render correctly if you have a high res screen and use screen scaling. One in particular is the “Show Simulation” button.

What physical screen size, and what pixel resolution are you having this difficulty with? At what screen scalings?

Could you post screengrabs? I did that a while back:

761 is up at Carbide Create Beta Downloads

  • (FIX) Crash when duplicating some toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Change the rendering for the hover shadow to eliminate the curve simplification when zooming in.
  • (FIX) Fix glitch where toolpath groups expand when anything changes. Expand/collapse state is saved to C2D file.
  • (NEW) Join now offers to join endpoints that appear to overlap in the window, as long as the size of a pixel is < 1mm.
  • (NEW) Warning popup when loading files with open vectors.
  • (NEW) Align command now includes horizontal and vertical spacing/distribute option.

Try it out!


I like the align command. Easy implementation.

I guess the only negative is that the dialog goes away after every click (it always has)…But now I can see wanting to do two or more operations (line up middles and then space them, for example). This requires opening the Align tool twice. Not a big deal, but spacing is kind of a secondary step in most cases.

Thanks for the functionality!

  • Gary
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I had the same thought on this, but am appreciative of the new functionality that has been added - Thanks for this one.

Rob, can you share the algorithm for determining the order of the elements in the design to determine which object gets spaced where? I’m having a doozie of a time trying to figure it out. It would help in the predictability of the tool if we knew.

Here’s what I tried:
I created a 5x5 array of circles

Then clicked Align - Space Vertically

Flipped the diagram horizontally

Then executed the space vertically again - expecting a shift
But - it stayed the same:

I dragged the lower left corner below the right

and click Align Space Vertically again

Which makes me think the algorithm for vertical is bottom to top; left to right - Correct?

[EDIT] Actually…this resulted in uneven distribution (I think). Are you avoiding object overlap?

I had that thought as well. We’re open to a change, but, as you know, we’re big fans of incremental changes. We’ll see.

  1. Get a list of all selected groups. If an element is not in a group, it’s considered a group of one.
  2. We sort them along the horizontal/vertical axis to get them into the initial order
  3. We find the minimum/maximum group to set the bounds and the gap between each center point.
  4. Then we adjust the position of each group, based on it’s order in the list.

Yes. I understand you intend to change that, but are just taking your time about it. :slight_smile:

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2560x1440 @ 175% on a Thinkpad X1 Yoga w/ Windows 11.

Could you add the XY coordinates of an object to the info frame? I know we get cursor position in the status bar but knowing the coordinates of the object/group would be more beneficial I think. Next step then would be to allow direct entry of object locations. :grin:

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2 thumps up on the spacing!

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762 is up at Carbide Create Beta Downloads

  • (NEW) Added “Shapeoko HDM” to Job Setup.
  • (NEW) Added links to get your latest Create Pro license to the registration window.
  • (PRO) Added Toolpath Volume Calculation tool after simulating toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Fixed crash in Cut Vector command for files with massive numbers of vectors. Some intersections are still skipped, though.
  • (FIX) Get rid of a rare bug from bad geometry that “cannot happen.”
  • (FIX) Remove empty vectors when loading a file. We’re not sure where they came from to begin with.
  • (FIX) Better cancellation of huge 3D finish toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Remove open vector warning from C2D files.
  • (FIX) Add an optimization for huge 3D finishing toolpath calculations.
  • (FIX) Better handling of embedded images in SVG files.

Please let us know if you have any trouble with it.


Nice! On Toolpath Volume: Any chance you can persist the units selection and extra volume % between sessions? They strike me as global settings that a user would want to keep consistently between jobs. Right now, they reset to ml and 0. You have precedent: They are kind of analogous to the Units and Retract Height from the Job Setup page.

  • Gary

A few pixels need to be added to the Simulation buttons to fully contain them. I’ve noticed this before when it adds the “Send to CM” button as well.

Edit: On my large monitor it shows fine. However if i reduce the window to its minimum allowable size I get this:



Drawn grid is wrong.
To reproduce: create one file at 1mm grid, save as another and change grid to 5mm. change back in the ‘recent files’ to the first and the grid is shown at 5mm but actual grid used is 1mm. opening and closing the grid dialog fixes the shown grid.

after open:

after Ok on the grid dialog:


763 is up at Carbide Create Beta Downloads

  • (NEW) More accurate selection with elements that are very close together.
  • (NEW) Persist the toolpath volume settings between program runs.
  • (FIX) Keep empty curves from being created by tracing.
  • (FIX) Small layout change in the toolpath pane.
  • (FIX) Deal with curve trimming that occurs exactly on a node of the curve being trimmed.
  • (FIX) Grid size was not updated in the view when loading a new file.
  • (FIX) Make rotate command more consistent with the scale command to avoid “double rotation.”