Carbide Create 3D Cutting Stepover

I’ve noticed something that ~may~ be a bug, or I just don’t understand the calculations.

When doing a 3D roughing or 3D finishing toolpath, the tool database has parameters for 3D cutting.

So when using the #202 Ball Mill (1/4"), the 3d cutting parameters have a stepover of 10%. But once you select that tool, the cutting parameters are not what I expected. I was expecting 10% of 1/4" = 0.025 stepover… but the software enters 0.125 for the stepover.


Is this a bug, or am I not understanding this process?

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Good question. I have noticed that same thing.
Select the tool to use, and then that Edit Tool pane opens with different settings.
Also, if you use that tool for more than one toolpath, you will need to re-enter the settings in the Edit Tool pane for each toolpath. I think @jepho mentioned this a few weeks ago.
One thing I am wondering about is the “Material to Leave” setting. It is there in the tool select window, but not in the Edit window. Going by the “Base Height” it looks like there is no material left during finishing passes.

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