Carbide Create 431 install problem

Hello all. I just downloaded ver. 431 and installed it. when I first ran it I received an error msg. Procedure Entry Point GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime could not be found in Dynamic Link Library KERNEL32.dll

I am running windows 7pro on an alienware desktop.
any help with this is greatly appreciated.


Please try build 432 at:

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That worked great. Thank you

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Not for nothing but I just had this same problem. @robgrz you guys may want to remove build 431 from the Carbide Create Download as the error will not allow the program to actually open. Not a good look.

The problem is specific to Windows 7, which is EOL in 123 days or so.

Anyone running Windows 7 should be planning for this and ready to shut down any machine running it which is networked in any way.

lol… Funny. I think I still have a windows xp laptop around here that I still use occasionally. So I guess C3D team was just ahead of the curve by releasing software that cannot run on Win7. Unfortunately the download page still shows this as useable for Win7. Just revert it back to 430 or update it to 432 on the download page. Why any company would want to market free software then it fails to work?