Carbide Create Beta 760

I’ve been using ‘Send to CM’ exclusively for the last 5 or so projects. Its working well.

Two issues:

  1. If Carbide Motion is on the jog menu, CC will send a file and report it sent, but CM didn’t receive it. It would be great if CM would either simply accept the file, or a popup to change from jog to run to accept it. Or CC could report it unsent.
  2. CC will only probe and show the button to send to CM after a full path calculation. In an existing project I have to change a path in some way to make it find the machine (i usually change the speeds a little). Preferably either a button would be there all the time, or the routine to find CM should be run every time the tab changes to toolpaths or regularly in a thread, or something along those lines so I can open a project in the morning after initing the machine and get it sent without further edits.

Any chance you guys are able to look into the Pocket Ramping bug that causes the ramping start-Z point to be the stock thickness above the stock or pocket Start depth?

Otherwise loving the improvements to CC7!


Can you post a file that does this so we can see what’s triggering the behavior?

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Certainly. In attempting to reduce the cut time of this design, I ended up increasing it to over an hour due to all the time spent in the air.

RepresentLogoMedal_100mm v2.c2d (2.4 MB)

We have several posts documenting the same behavior that you can find here:

We found it. The fix will be in the next release.


Nice! Go team Carbide3D!

Want another one?

There seems to be a UI bug in the Modeling panel - in that same file when I was trying to make changes to the 3D model(deleting & re-creating features) & I tried to re-order the modeling list. The feature I was trying to drag up higher in the list just dissappeared, but it was still being rendered in the 3D view.
Possibly also somehow deleted a feature in the list(not the same one I was dragging) - I’m not sure about that one cause it may have been related to changing the stock thickness setting. In any case, I had a feature(the first one actually) which seemed to get removed which I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell it to delete.


I think I’ve seen that reported, but we’re holding off on digging into that part of the code until we figure out some other Create Pro changes we’d like to make.


I saw the same behavior in the toolpath tab when trying to drag a toolpath above the top one in the list. I figured I did something stupid as usual. I am careful not to make sure that I see the little horizontal line appear now.

Actually, the toolpath and the model views will be fixed in the next release.


764 is up at Carbide Create Beta Downloads

  • (FIX) Remove the big selection box artifact when the mouse is initially pressed.
  • (FIX) Fix the ramping bug in the pocket toolpath if the zero is on the bottom of the stock.
  • (FIX) Don’t allow a toolpath to be dragged outside of the toolpath list.
  • (FIX) Don’t allow a 3d element to be dragged outside of the model list.

These releases are looking good in our internal testing, and we haven’t seen any crash reports. We’d like to move 764 to the main download page, but I wanted to check in here and see if these releases have been working well for everyone.

All good?

(I’ll assume that a “like” on this post means, “Working well for me”)


All good so far here - but my needs are generally pretty simple. The relatively few more complicated 3D things end up getting done via Alibre Workshop.

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Any thoughts on this:

And the associated thread I had? Mine was in 757 but the tread above indicates it is still an issue in 764.

That’s a deeper change, with the potential to break things so we’ll look at that after the current changes are complete.


Been using v764 for a bit this past weekend & it seemed to be quite solid.


I had a few instances where the Send to Motion button did not appear and had to load the .c2d in CM. Other than that, works great.

macOS Monterey 12.7
CC 764 Beta
CM 622 Beta

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Same for me, same CC, CM, and macOS specs too.

Thanks everyone who chimed in on this release. We just moved it to the main download page so I’ll close this thread now.