Carbide Create Beta 760

Could you add the XY coordinates of an object to the info frame? I know we get cursor position in the status bar but knowing the coordinates of the object/group would be more beneficial I think. Next step then would be to allow direct entry of object locations. :grin:

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2 thumps up on the spacing!

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762 is up at Carbide Create Beta Downloads

  • (NEW) Added “Shapeoko HDM” to Job Setup.
  • (NEW) Added links to get your latest Create Pro license to the registration window.
  • (PRO) Added Toolpath Volume Calculation tool after simulating toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Fixed crash in Cut Vector command for files with massive numbers of vectors. Some intersections are still skipped, though.
  • (FIX) Get rid of a rare bug from bad geometry that “cannot happen.”
  • (FIX) Remove empty vectors when loading a file. We’re not sure where they came from to begin with.
  • (FIX) Better cancellation of huge 3D finish toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Remove open vector warning from C2D files.
  • (FIX) Add an optimization for huge 3D finishing toolpath calculations.
  • (FIX) Better handling of embedded images in SVG files.

Please let us know if you have any trouble with it.


Nice! On Toolpath Volume: Any chance you can persist the units selection and extra volume % between sessions? They strike me as global settings that a user would want to keep consistently between jobs. Right now, they reset to ml and 0. You have precedent: They are kind of analogous to the Units and Retract Height from the Job Setup page.

  • Gary

A few pixels need to be added to the Simulation buttons to fully contain them. I’ve noticed this before when it adds the “Send to CM” button as well.

Edit: On my large monitor it shows fine. However if i reduce the window to its minimum allowable size I get this:



Drawn grid is wrong.
To reproduce: create one file at 1mm grid, save as another and change grid to 5mm. change back in the ‘recent files’ to the first and the grid is shown at 5mm but actual grid used is 1mm. opening and closing the grid dialog fixes the shown grid.

after open:

after Ok on the grid dialog:


763 is up at Carbide Create Beta Downloads

  • (NEW) More accurate selection with elements that are very close together.
  • (NEW) Persist the toolpath volume settings between program runs.
  • (FIX) Keep empty curves from being created by tracing.
  • (FIX) Small layout change in the toolpath pane.
  • (FIX) Deal with curve trimming that occurs exactly on a node of the curve being trimmed.
  • (FIX) Grid size was not updated in the view when loading a new file.
  • (FIX) Make rotate command more consistent with the scale command to avoid “double rotation.”

Wow super fast update.

I know it is a bigger change and has less of a user base but I would love it if you would consider making touch interface work better in a future release. Rotate seems to work ok, but pan and zoom are more difficult.


This is the case on Windows as well.

Thanks for the quick change for persistence of the volume calcs! And having rotate work consistently is a big fix. Thanks!


Loaded CC760 week or two ago and all was great. Uploaded CC 761 all great. Loaded CC762 and everything really slowed down while trying to save programs. Sent the bug report twice after it appeared trying to save. Uploaded CC763 same issue. Any ideas or others have issues?

Can you share one of your programs that we can use for testing? The only change we made was to add more code to cancel the calculations quickly and that added overhead, but it’s likely not enough to make a difference in most cases.


Selection is better, but then I found if one is close to a node then showing the node text is taking precedence even though another path is highlighted for selection. I cant capture the mouse pointer (its about 5-10px down from the node), here’s how it looks:


Looking at your file, it seems like the calculation time is very similar from 760->763. To make the toolpaths more cancellable, we have more steps contributing to the progress bar. That means a calculation might seem to stall at a different (earlier) percentage in the newer releases, but the overall times will be almost the same.

I’ll keep poking at the file here, but that seems to be a big part of what you’re seeing.


I feel like this is a stupid question, but how do you get the toolpath volume? I’m running 763, I’ve got the simulation showing and… I see nothing about a toolpath volume. It’s a pocket operation, so the volume should exist.

EDIT - Toolpath Volume is Pro only, I missed that part. Problem solved!

Nothing in the menus, no buttons, nothing on right-click. What an I missing?

Run Simulation…



It’s a Pro-Only feature. From the looks of that screen, you’re not running the pro version.


I’ve been using ‘Send to CM’ exclusively for the last 5 or so projects. Its working well.

Two issues:

  1. If Carbide Motion is on the jog menu, CC will send a file and report it sent, but CM didn’t receive it. It would be great if CM would either simply accept the file, or a popup to change from jog to run to accept it. Or CC could report it unsent.
  2. CC will only probe and show the button to send to CM after a full path calculation. In an existing project I have to change a path in some way to make it find the machine (i usually change the speeds a little). Preferably either a button would be there all the time, or the routine to find CM should be run every time the tab changes to toolpaths or regularly in a thread, or something along those lines so I can open a project in the morning after initing the machine and get it sent without further edits.

Any chance you guys are able to look into the Pocket Ramping bug that causes the ramping start-Z point to be the stock thickness above the stock or pocket Start depth?

Otherwise loving the improvements to CC7!


Can you post a file that does this so we can see what’s triggering the behavior?

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