Carbide Create, Now with Animated Simulation

We just uploaded a test of our new animated simulation code to Carbide Create Beta Downloads . It’s a deep change to the rendering system, so we’re very interested in any rendering problems that pop up before we take the feature any further.

Let us know what you think.


Ooooo, that’s pretty nifty! Just quickly tested it with my current project.

CC crashes after a few minutes of playing the simulator through a few times - no clue as to why. Program just vanishes from the screen. Seems to happen more quickly if I use the Pause button. Yup, it definitely doesn’t like me doing that more than 2 or 3 times.

Is there going to be any indicators on the Speed slider - like Real-time, 1/2 speed, 2x speed?
What about the Step Forward button? It certainly is not stepping just a G-code line at a time.

Also, on large, complex projects, it’s sort of difficult to tell where the current spindle position is at. Could the spindle point be indicated by a larger dot or something?

Really like the feature though!

Really cool feature. That will surely help if you need to plan on moving a hold down during a cut.

My MacBook also crashed back to desktop a few times. I think it’s related to changing the rendering speed, sometimes fast to slow then slow to fast.

When I click “Show Simulation”, it doesn’t show the simulation (I just get a blank aluminum/MDF/whatever canvas). I have to press “play” and watch the animation before I see my simulation. I’d still like to have an instant static simulation, with the animation optional.

It crashes a lot for me too when I fiddle with the rewind/play/speed buttons, but I can’t reliably reproduce a crash (Mac Sonoma 14.4.1).


KE3.c2d (784 KB)

Having to ‘Play’ the simulation each time to see the result is going to get old. A lot of times I don’t need to see the order it’s going to do things, I just want to see the result.

I think the Simulation should start with the full result, and then show the animation on ‘Play’. That preserves the current behavior (“Show me what this will look like”), and enables animation for those who want it.

I suppose a ‘Skip to End’ button would help, but it’s still an extra step over today’s behavior.


Pretty consistent crash:

Windows 10 PRO, NVidia 3070 Ti

I suggest putting an optional folder location in the beta. It would allow parallel usage of Production and Beta versions.
It overwrote my original. Luckily I guessed this might happen and made a copy and have the original install.

If I had parallel installs I could pick out differences in the way the program runs on the PC.

Well that runs significantly different, it uses the GPU nicely.
Unfortunately crashed part way.

Here is the XML event viewer file.
The C3D is too big. (663 Bytes)

If you have a location to put the C3D file, I will send you a copy.

Here is a Screen Shot to explain the complexity.

Is everyone with problems on Windows, or do we have any Mac folks?

Windows 10 Dell 12gb ram

Win 10
Dell G7

I get frequent crashes on Mac O/S 14.4.1

MacOs Monterey 12.7.4

I tried several. 1st froze at 5%. Second, a simple small round pocket froze at 95%. (no crash)

Win 11 Ent. Dell Precision 7680

How do we display the toolpath & simulation without replaying it? (Current Functionality)

If you turn the speed to max and hit “Play”, the simulation runs at max speed, like the current builds. All of the rendering runs in a separate thread, so it won’t slow down the simulation (unless you have a very limited CPU)

We just uploaded 770 to fix some of the crashes in 769. Carbide Create Beta Downloads

Let us know if you see an improvement.


Much better. I loaded up some larger files & they all seem to simulate without problems.

I find it strange that it jumps into the playback on max speed right away. I would expect it to wait for the user to hit play. This gives the ability to set the speed & display options without waiting for it to simulate.

The slowest speed goes pretty fast, and just a slight bump in speed ~5% accelerates a lot.

Step forward seems to jump forward a lot on some paths. Looks like it’s displaying a full pass for pockets. This is OK, but it would be useful sometimes to step one point/block/move at a time

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770 crashes for me more than 769. Macbook Air 2020 (Intel Processor), O/S 14.4.1.

The attached file crashes reliably when doing the following: Drag the speed slider to about 25% or 30%. Reset simulation. Play simulation. Crash. Sometimes I have to do this twice to get a crash, but it usually crashes on the first try.

CC 770 beta test.c2d (60 KB)

Issue with the download. Click the link, get a screen that displays “No Content”