Carbide Create, Now with Animated Simulation

There is a request to have a list of the toolpaths showing in CM with a “Now Executing” indicator - anticipated time to complete that path - and overall expected time for job completion. You could use that info to stop it when you want to…but I don’t recall ever seeing anything that stops between toolpaths automatically.

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Or maybe simulate a specific path or paths instead of all. You then may have to stack them to get an accurate picture. That is the way the Vectric stuff works.

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Gary, I meant in CC in toolpath simulation. :wink:

Cullen, yes, something like that.

In NX, simulation, post, replay, verification are all based on the SELECTED path or group at the time.
I’ve also asked for this option. Simulation could work the same way.

But a “Pause between paths” option in the simulator would also work.

@Tod1d Ah. Got it.

Funny, I didn’t see this “Simulation” feature listed in any of the request threads (there’s one now with requests for improvements on the feature). I wonder if there is a complete set of ideas for the feature somewhere on this forum.

Of course, there are a lot of features we’d love to add. I’m still lobbying for the better modeling interface (re-editing component parameters, moving components, anchoring during settings changes, clearer definition of parameters, etc.). To me, that’s the biggest bang for the developer buck.

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The mount I work on is called a Euro Mount where the antlers are natural coloring from what the buck did with their antlers and the skull is solid white. The lower jaw can be added for visual effect if one so desired for the look.

I’m not seeing the toolpath

And the slow speed is still way too fast.

And there really should be a step (one block at a time) option.
Really cool would be to see the toolpath listing & have it follow the simulation :wink:

The top plane and the toolpath are overlapping each other. We’ll probably do something to shift the toolpath higher in Z when rendering so it’s not covered by the stock in process.

This was a big change to the internals of Create so, for now, the priority is to check for stability across a range of customer PCs. We have a lot of ideas for where to go in the future, but we won’t be doing any of that until we know it’s stable.


Nope, If I turn off the simulation to show only the path it still doesn’t display.



It looks like it steps close to 1 block at a time if the speed is set to the lowest setting. :wink:

Hi I decided to try it and it looks great. I see some have said the simulation runs to fast. I have noticed the opposite. I brought up a very simple catchall tray and in 764 it takes 18 seconds to show the 3d image, in 773 it take 42 seconds to run the simulation to get to the final image.

The animated simulation is a very useful feature however is there anyway to turn it on and off ? (new way verses old way)( 3D animated simulation verses right to 3d image) or a button to jump to the end >>I ? There is a button to jump to the beginning I<<
It is an awesome feature however it takes over twice as long to draw on the fastest speed.
I have a bit older business machine ( Lanovo with business work station video). I would imagine the extra time is due to all the extra 3d animated video during the simulation. It appears the speed is way too dependent on the video card.

For now I will have to fall back to 764. As waiting 42 seconds for a simple catch all tray is not usable. Shame as I like the new features :frowning:


I was one of the “complainers” about the speed being too fast… on the lowest setting when I’m trying to see the individual cutter moves. I did discover that the Step motion is affected by the speed setting. :wink:

I also asked about a fast forward when I just want to see the final results. Other software has a “Suppress Graphics” option that only shows the result when that’s all you need to see.


All of the rendering and graphics happen in a different thread, so if you have a semi-modern PC, there should be little to no slowdown from the animation. If you have a two core machine, it could be a little slower, depending on the project.

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Not sure what to say as I measured the time multiple times back and forth with a stop watch. And 773 takes over twice as long as 764.

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i3-3220T CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 2500 .
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Drivers are all up to date.
Windows 10
PC has been rebooted :slight_smile:

Also If I change from high res to low resolution it drastically decreases the time .

I am hoping there will be an option to skip the animation. ???

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I found your problem,

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Thanks however it worked fine for 764.
Therefore 773 comes with an understanding that you may need to upgrade your PC just to run the animation. Not sure I believe that is reasonable.
And it is very common to turn the animation on an off

Don’t get me wrong Animation is a great option however I am not sure you need it on every simulation.

Nor do I believe it should be the pinch point.

Many times we have a smaller older machine in the shop.

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Not to start a big debate on CPU speeds :slight_smile: and go down that hole :slight_smile:
I am trying to point out there may be a minimum system requirement that needs to be addressed.
CC is listed as

  • Windows 8, 10, or 11 , 64-Bit (Intel or AMD) ( Windows 8 drop by MS)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Screen Display: 1280 x 1024
    All very minimal
    I appreciate developers and early adopters might have more powerful machines.
    I am pointing out that there may be a significate pinch point created for “slightly” older machines. Or workstation machines verses gaming machines :slight_smile:
    I just checked with a fellow C3D carver friend of mine and his shop PC is older then mine. There are many people that use less expensive or maybe older machines in their shops. Or cascade their older machine to the shop.

I have many programs running on this machine mostly CAD and image programs for my 3D printing. Including other carving software. This is the first program to display this for me.

Further more I understand a system requirement change on a new major release but on a sub release ?

And I hope like many other programs there will be an option to skip the Animation. to avoid a single pinch point.

I believe the point of this thread is to try it and provide feed back :slight_smile:
Again awesome features in the release and seems to be stable.
I hope my feedback helps :slight_smile:

Where do you see that spec listed as the minimum?

Several times in the the threads when people asked the min and it responded to by C3D. I cut and paced that from someone’s question but I saw the question and answer at least 3 times. and the response from C2D was cut and pasted from somewhere else as it was the same in all 3 that I saw

Thanks Rob

Just to be clear for people reading in the future, the latest specs are on the download pages. 4GB and Windows 8, for instance, are long gone.


I might be late to the thread here, but I just downloaded the latest version to give it a test. I’ve noticed that like others have echoed, even on slowest speeds, straight lines rocket across the simulation but then slows to a total crawl on curved corners. It’s kind of jarring trying to keep track of the simulation.

The simulation is updated in batches of moves, with a batch size dependent on the speed slider. A big straight line is one atomic move right now. Curves are made up of many little moves.