Carbide Create, Now with Animated Simulation

On my old Dell gaming laptop, I have both an Intel Graphics card and a nVidia card.
Windows allows you to select which GPU to use.
I noticed significant performance issues using the Intel Graphics, while the nVidia GPU worked well.
It seems that the Intel GPU offloads calculations and memory to the CPU and RAM.

Thanks Rob Yes I saw it on a post on Dec 2023, not sure if that is long gone :slight_smile: but I do stand corrected, I see it went from 4GB to 8GB

  • Windows 10, or 11, 64-Bit (Intel or AMD)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Screen Display: 1280 x 1024

The feedback I was tiring to give is I meet that spec and the Animation is very slow for me. My test showed twice as long from 764 to 773. I guess I failed to be clear :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ver 744 => Added Fast forward button
Thanks :slight_smile:
I know I have a simple, older work station machine and I will have to upgrade at some time for improved graphics.
However to provide you with feedback :
The new fast forward feature in 744 speeds the simulation up by ~ 35% over 743 for my setup and test project.
Or another way to look at it is.
644 (18 Sec) => 743 (42 Sec) = 2.3 times longer
644 (18 Sec) => 744 (31 sec ) = 1.7 times longer

However what people should really understand is how C3D works with the community and listens to feedback.

Thank you for the awesome work :slight_smile:


Been using since shortly after it was available. It works great and is a helpful too. Is it possible to have it display what pass it’s on in a multi cut task?

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I have been following along with these changes when they first were offered. I like the simulation because it helps to see how each part of the work is being completed. Then I get to see the finished part afterwards like before.

I know this is still in development stage and what can be added is completely up to the devs. What would be nice would be separate options to just run individual toolpaths to see if that toolpath is correct in the simulation. Also, to possibly have an option to go into simulation and see the final design before having to run the simulation.

I had a long run cycle for a project and want to check details on an area that I had changed. I had to wait until the entire simulation finished before being able to look at the completed changes. Not knowing also when a tool has changed to know where maybe the tool can be cutout altogether, or reduced, or even increased in running efficiency.

You guys are doing a great job on this development of simulations and hope to see things with a bit more control of the simulation in the future.

The animated simulation looks good, although I don’t usually require it. However, I’ve been experiencing lots of crashes in since I started using Build 774. I can’t send you a particular file, because it isn’t related to any particular file. Instead, I’ve seen it several times when creating a model (both from an STL and from a JPG). The workflow is something like create a rectangle, then add a model component or two to the rectangle, then construct a finish pass on the rectangle. It always seems to happen with simulating - sometimes immediately, sometimes after creating and editing toolpaths. I may be just imagining this, but pausing for a few seconds after creating a toolpath may make the problem go away. These crashes aren’t easily replicated, but I seen it five or six times in the past week, and I wasn’t seeing this prior to V.774.

If you’re on Windows, be sure to submit a crash report with your name and email so we can look into it. I don’t think we’ve seen a crash report come through in the rendering/simulation code that I recall.

EDIT: I just looked and we had one in 773, but don’t see anything in 774.


I’m using a Mac, and found a workflow that reliably crashes and sent it to Is there a better way to report bugs?

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I see your ticket. On a similar computer, I can’t replicate the crash but I’ll ask others if they can give it a shot.

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