Carbide Create Pro cannot see 3d preview

I have been using carbide create with my shapeoko XL and need to do 2.5D so I saw that the pro version could do it. Although when I press on show 3d I get a white blank canvas. I have tried pretty much everything like changing material, material thickness, etc etc. but no joy. I have build 514 and I run on a macbook pro. Never had an issue before that. What can I do to fix the problem does anyone know?


@WillAdams put together a good basic tutorial on this feature HERE. There are also some other good resources HERE

To sum this up in short, you have to draw a rectangle around your 3d piece first and add material to remove. It’s also important that you add the stock before making the 3d model. You’ll add for the rectangle and subtract for the 3d carve. Maybe you know all this already, but if not hopefully that helps.


Thanks, didn’t know about the rectangle around so I will give it a try, hope it works, and thanks for the links