Carbide Create Pro Crash

WOW! I have been working on a design for two whole days now and had done a ton of importing and adjusting. The layers and such were set for my design. I spent many hours adjusting, adding, and removing nodes within my design. I was just about completed with my design of SO MANY HOURS in the making, when I decided to trim a few nodes and then join them for downsizing of a cluster of them, when the Carbide Create Pro crashed on me and erased all of my hard work, hours involved, and much research.

WHY??? I am so pissed about this. It is one thing that the program was a bit slow on some functions, but a complete crash of the program in design process? That is unacceptable.

I don’t have pro my CC crashes on me all the time. A few days ago it crashed about 10 times in 30 minutes. That’s why you have to save it often.

I don’t understand why this program is doing this. I spent the $360 for the Pro version and I was making a design higher quality then I have even created. I was at that point where my excitement of actually creating and finishing something this big was pulpable. My brother was impressed with the design and we were looking forward to finally seeing it cut into wood. My thoughts are after spending $5000 for my Shapeoko 5 Pro and the $360 for the program that the company would have all of these problems fixed.

THis wont hold me back though. I will start all over with the same design and now I have many saving points going on a regular. Makes me want to walk away from Carbide Create and find another designing program that I could have a little more trust in. This isnt the first time the program crashed on me, but when it did the last time, I was just barely into the design.

My design time is money. The more I create and the program crashes the more it costs me. I know that the company won’t do anything about this as far as reimbursement of my time wasted, but they dont have a problem taking everyone’s money in a hurry. Good luck to you with your designs. Right away make a save file and save every time you make any little change to your design or you could pay for it later with a crashj.

Lots of programs crash on me. It is Windows !
I have been programming and designing for years and I am in the habit of just saving my work every so often. I tend to use a naming structure with the last 2 digits being the version. I just add 1 and save again.
I appreciate programs that do auto backups every 10 minutes or so. However that does not fix the human errors that I make. Hence I keep manual version backups so I can go back and see where I messed it up. :rofl:
In addition I also use a sync program to back up my desktop and work directory to two external dives that I rotate and also version. So I have many many copies

You may think, holly crap that is lot of back ups. Your right but drives are cheap and I have been learned over time with loosing data due to Windows, power outages, hardware failure and human error … etc.
I have back up going back years :slight_smile:

Save, save, save is the general rule with all computer design work. Back ups should be set to Automatic.
That said, I have never suffered a CC crash. My system is Mac based, maybe there’s something to that.


LOL I am not a Mac guy but I would agree with you on that. :slight_smile:

Backup and save is usually my motto, but I was so busy with working on this design and trying to put together what I wanted it to look like, I didn’t even think about saving until I got the toolpaths set, or at least the first toolpath set. So, saving to a flash drive would be good I hope?

It would be better to save to a local drive (you can move the backup files off to a flash drive later).

I usually name each file as I save it to match the current state, along w/ a number to help keep track of sequence and keep a “Backups” folder in each project folder — after each session, I move all but the current versions into the folder to hide them away unless needed.


I was thinking about purchasing a tablet for my S5P. I don’t like taking my main laptop over to the shop to run the S5P. I don’t have internet in the shop, nor do I have any cell service there as well. What I mean by the latter is, I don’t get service in the shop whatsoever. It’s a terrible signal conundrum.

Anyways, what I would like to do is build a tablet working platform where the tablet would go and stay for the S5P. But what I need to be able to do is transfer files to the tablet from my laptop as I design more creations to be carved. So, I was thinking about using flashdrives to store files and then transfer into the tablet from my laptop when I completed a design. Mind you, I will still have a hard copy of any of my designs in the laptop, but this seems like the most logical way to handle talking with two different devices for running my mill.

Transferring from a main computer to a shop computer/tablet via a USB drive is a great solution, and one used by a lot of people.


Ok, thanks. I was thinking this would work, but I was worried about flashdrives crashing, or Carbide Motion being unable to go into the flashdrives to retrieve the programs.

It is best to copy from the flash drive to the local drive.


I just found where my Carbide Create Pro is crashing. It crashes when I do the join nodes option. Once the program joins the nodes, the program crashes. How would this information be sent to the devs?

Yep, I just tried it once more for a trim vectors and then join vectors and the program crashed again. The problem I have now is this design I am making, and had been making for 3 days when it crashed on me, has a few areas that I have to trim vectors and then join them. So, as of right now, this design will not get finished under the current 757 build of Carbide Create because it will just continue to crash each time I try to move past this area of design on my creation.

Post a file which has been saved just before the crash, along with the step-by-step, repeatable instructions for causing the crash, or send it to

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Mystic.c2d (1.4 MB)
This here is the Mystic design I have been working on.

Step-by-step instructions for causing a crash?

I move the picture over to the 3 in the right side middle. I zoom in towards the 3 in order to see it better and then highly the whole design. Then I click on edit nodes to make adjustments to the nodes around the 3 to better define the look of the 3. In the upper part of the 3 is a small triangle node grouping inside a much bigger node grouping. I drag the top square node to the right just a little bit to cross over the square node just beside it. Once across each other, I click done with node editing and click trim vectors. The crossover highlights with the two vector points where they cross. I trim the lines between the vector points and then click on the join vectors. Once I click this option, the vectors join together, but then the program crashes.

Hope this is helpful. Im not sure how to get the steps put into picture here for you all to see.

I have replicated this crash now 6 times this morning doing the same thing over and over to make sure it was crashing exactly where I say it is crashing.

Could you send screen grabs showing each step?