Carbide Create Pro Expiring

My Carbide Create Pro expiration date is coming up. Are my options to purchase a perpetual license, annual license or can it still be extended for another year for free ?


That is a question for @robgrz — hopefully he can speak to this.


Thanks Will. I thought I was just missing something in large bold print which had been posted elsewhere.


We’re trying to get purchasing setup in the next few days. If Pro begins expiring before we get it up and running then we can give you an additional code to keep things moving for a little longer.


Can you give some guidance on pricing?

For pricing discussion please see:

We’re still targeting the same pricing we initially talked about. $120/yr or $360 perpetual with 1 year of updates.

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My trial just expired also but I thought Pro was great - please take my money :smile:

Is there an accommodation to turn the Pro trial off before expiration?

No, the Pro trial or license runs based on the real world clock insofar as the programmers were able to make that happen.

Please ask us at about any aspects of licensing and we’ll do our best let you know the specifics.

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