Carbide Create Pro- What do you want to see?

Adaptive clearing, REST machining, Ramping

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  • add time stamp when job is started and total time when job is finished on the Run screen (edit- Sorry this is for Motion but an estimated time on the Create for a toolpath would be nice as well)
  • inlays
  • user settable vcarve max depth
  • a more comprehensive feeds and speeds for materials and all shapeoko standard bits - software defaults do not match the simple shapeoko feeds and speeds chart for various materials using the #201/#202 bits making it seem like a crapshoot sometimes for a newbie like myself
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Customizable return-to-home paths. I know I would find this helpful on certain/many jobs. The straight back and over sometimes keeps me from putting clamps that I would like to on the north end.

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This has been implemented in the CC400 series. (see above for links/further information)

As mentioned multiple others - Trochoidal milling

Thread milling

Chamfering using a standard end mill and just stepping outward gradually with a bunch of shallow passes. Check out this video - can skip to the 3:15 mark

Estlcam does it on any round hole, it would be great if you could do it on any edge - say along the outside of a part

I’d also love to see the ability to use a T shaped cutter, to cut Oring grooves etc.


Please understand I am not saying this to be snotty. I love and use CC and CM every day, but please consider some usability testing. A lot of novice users struggle with CC because of minor things (I have a CC file, but when I open it, the file is blank… or why do my VBits all show up as .5 inch Vee in the list even when one is a 60 degree and one is a 90 degree). The more new users we can keep, the better the platform will be.

And to be clear: I am really excited to see CC4 and see what you guys come up with for Pro!


I’ve nothing to add that hasn’t been said about Create, but what happened to Carbide Copper? Everything mentioned above can be achieved using other software. Carbide Copper has the potential to be a game changer (albeit to a much smaller niche).


??? where is the info on that?
Forum section


I am new and agree with many items mentioned above, especially the improved tool pathing. Maybe an option to change the path the tool will make to avoid clamping locations etc?

My 2 cents,

When drawing lines or polylines any chance we can type or see the actual measure before clicking? also press Enter for command instead of Done?

Measure tool for point to point, arcs radius, etc.

A command menu, like Sketch tool or Tool Menu so we can explore the different tools CC contains, sometimes tools are not visible until you have selected a shape or lines, for example Boolean tools, you need to select several shapes in order to see these tools.

Also, for the Import Library, would be great if we could add designs or blocks to the library.

Just some ideas,

I am glad you will be updating CC, hope for free :slight_smile:

Strange there appears to be no mention of estimated time in the revision list

But in any case, I am glad that I backed up my files from the stable 316 install before installing the latest beta 400 to see if this estimated time existed. Unless I am missing something, it appears that the new install clears all of the custom tools from your list. So that might be something to fix in new versions of CC or better yet, the ability to at least export/import your custom tool list between versions.

One more feature I’d like - not sure what to call it…

I’d like to import a DXF - create a feature based on some of the geometry (for example create a pocket). But rather than mill it to the exact dimensions embedded in the DXF, have to ability to “creep” up to a final size.

Say start the pocket 5 thou undersize and mill it out. Measure it up (manually) and see what you ended up with. Or try to fit that bearing into the pocket - does it fit?

Then take another crack maybe just 2 thou undersize the DXF value.

Or go 10 thou over! Whatever it takes to get it just right.

If you know of the Shaper Origin hand held router - it has similar functionality and it makes it really easy to match things up where you want that “perfect” fit.

Here is a video of an early version of the Shaper - but it explains pretty much what I’m after.

I’ve found I can guess pretty well in materials that I use consistently, but if I use a new bit, or a new substrate it can take a while to get mating parts to match up exactly.

  • Ramping and helical plunge
    Ide pay for that

1: enable jogging and re-zeroing the Z during the tool change panel…
… yep… thats about the most important to me!!

That is not Carbon Create, re zeroing, tool change etc. is Carbon Motion

oh yeah… sorry!! :frowning:

Plugins please. Some way for us to extend the features would allow us to add to the eco-system


Honestly, I’m not sure what direction you’re thinking of taking Create in but I can’t see it going anywhere that isn’t treading on someone else’s toes (be that Corel/Adobe, Autodesk, MeshCAM etc). The only things I can think of adding to it would be features to better support 2-sided machining and more materials, but I’m not sure that would justify much of a price tag.

What I would be much, much more interested in is a pro version of Copper (or even an update at this point). In my robotics lab, over 80% of our Nomad’s workload is PCB milling. Copper is sorely in need of an update - it can’t even read board dimensions or drill sizes from a Gerber, never mind double sided boards or milling UV cured solder masks.


Ability to select shape and copy or duplicate