Carbide Create V5 / Build 500

UPDATE: Starting with build 512, updates will be uploaded to the beta page at

If you’d like to try our unstable build of CC 500, the Windows build has just been shared at:

A few notes:

  • All of the user interface code on the left part of the screen is now. We removed the Qt/QML system and went to native code that should be more stable and easier to work with going forward.
  • There is a breaking change to the file format so 500 should load files from the 400 series of releases but files from 500 may not load correctly in the 400’s
  • Build 500 should install to a different directory in Windows so it should not overwrite any prior 300/400 releases.

Missing Features:

  • “Send to Carbide Motion” not implemented yet

This is a very early build so don’t do any projects in this build that you can’t afford to lose if the file gets corrupted.

If you do choose to check it out, we’re interested in seeing if there are any regressions from prior builds. Once we confirm that everything is working, we’ll move the current build to “Released” and work on new features.


501 Uploaded to

  • (FIX) Toolpath hovering in left pane works again.
  • (FIX) Double error when changing Num Sides/Width/Height/Radius values.
  • (FIX) Problem with Pocket Toolpaths not outputting gcode.
  • (FIX) Some toolpaths showing “Calculating 100%” but no machine time.
  • (FIX) Better handling of memory allocation errors when calculating simulation.
  • (FIX) In design pane, edit box is hidden if all commands in it are hidden.

502 Uploaded to

  • (FIX) Scaling-by-dragging no longer blows up selected item if the drag causes the item to flip.
  • (FIX) Texture toolpaths not always finishing calculation.
  • (FIX) Some node handles incorrectly shown when editing a rectangle.
  • (FIX) Align command disabled when only one vector was selected.
  • (FIX) Radius parameter enabled when editing rectangle with square corners.

503 Uploaded to

  • (FIX) Undo ends node editing even if the command is still valid.
  • (FIX) Some rectangle fillets ended up with three nodes.

504 Uploaded to

  • (NEW) Better toolpath linking and ordering for Texture toolpath.
  • (FIX) Texture toolpath progress not reliably reported.

(it’s a bit quiet here… but I will test the latest build once I have power back (3rd day so far))


505 Uploaded to

  • (FIX) Crash in a specific undo combination with modelling.
  • (FIX) Bad join in “triangle test”.
  • (FIX) It was possible to create a toolpath with the start depth below the max depth.
  • (FIX) Start depth and max depth were not validated properly.
  • (FIX) Default document settings based on previous file, not the last time the Job Setup command was run.
  • (FIX) Fit to View did not update size of program zero and labels correctly.
  • (FIX) Command buttons no longer get tab focus.
  • (FIX) Parameter tab order in Design Pane was wrong.

506 Uploaded to

  • (FIX) Toolpath strike through didn’t change when toolpath is enabled/disabled.
  • (FIX) Design/Model/Toolpath buttons grabbed focus.
  • (FIX) Model command buttons were grabbing focus.
  • (FIX) Toolpath buttons were grabbing focus.
  • (FIX) Progress for advanced vcarve not granular enough.
  • (FIX) When loading a files with tabs, the tabs become visible in the design view.
  • (FIX) Program zero could be incorrectly updated when running Job Setup.
  • (FIX) Angle is reset after hitting “Apply” in Rotate Command.
  • (NEW) Values in Job Setup command used as defaults for creating new documents.
  • (NEW) More checking for out-of-memory conditions during toolpath simulation.
  • (NEW) Initial empty document created using the New File command for consistency.
  • (NEW) Prior rectangle corner radius is now persistent and used to create future rectangles.

507 Uploaded to

  • (FIX) Some toolpaths don’t update if a contour is deleted.
  • (FIX) Update design buttons after group/ungroup.
  • (FIX) Update 2D view automatically after group/ungroup.
  • (NEW) Double qlick text object brings up text command for editing.
  • (NEW) Fit to window on restart.

Thanks to @WillAdams, @GJM, and @fenrus for the bug reports. CC5XX is making huge gains right now because of their input.


508 Posted to

  • (NEW) Changed the way the toolpath list is updated. Should be smoother with updates and changes now.
  • (NEW) Left pane will expand more now if the sizer is moved.
  • (NEW) Focus shifted back to drawing, if visible, after each command.
  • (FIX) Font height is now persistent within a Carbide Create session.
  • (FIX) Font selection is now persistent across Carbide Create sessions.
  • (FIX) Edit Toolpath tab order wrong.

509 Posted to

  • (FIX) Inconsistent default names for contour and 3d finish toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Inconsistent order and button width for Ok/Cancel and Apply/Done.
  • (NEW) Join command, when applied to a single vector, fill force it closed.
  • (NEW) Tool tips when hovering over a toolpath now shows name and tool used.

510 Posted to

  • (NEW) Carbide Create for Windows is now 64-bit.
  • (FIX) Icons updated for Grid and Background commands.
  • (FIX) Toolpath button text could be clipped.
  • (FIX) Vectors revert to old position when hitting “Done” in move/rotate/scale.

512 Posted to

  • (FIX) Toolpath edit pane and bad tab order.
  • (NEW) Background image folder is saved now.
  • (FIX) Top row of toolpath buttons were spread out.
  • (FIX) Bad tab order on Background Setup pane.
  • (FIX) Bad tab order on Job Setup pane.
  • (FIX) Import SVG/DXF doesn’t save folder location.
  • (FIX) Units handled wrong in Job Setup command.

Great going Rob, there’s nothing like that coder rush when you’re on a roll!


We’re trying very hard to get this back to feature parity with build 474 so we can move it to the beta download page and recommend that everyone try it.

I think we’re pretty close. There are still bugs but they don’t appear to be new bugs so we’re getting there.

(Once we get this to beta, we’ve got some fun changes to Carbide Motion to begin working on)


Love the revamp of the “Toolpath” page… especially being able to drag and drop to “Groups”, much needed update. Also, right-clicking is much better on the Mac platform. I could never reliably right-click using trackpad in previous versions and now it is flawless.

Looking forward to what’s next!


Thanks for the feedback Chris.

I think we’re confident enough with 512 to move it to the beta page at and recommend that more users give it a shot.

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Another item that works now, may have been a bug before, is the “Align Vectors” tool. In previous versions, if you selected a vector and used the “Align” tool but did not click “done” and inadvertently clicked another vector… it would bug out and not allow you to continue without closing the file and reopening. Now it works like it should! Nice job!

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I’ve noticed the pocketing operations are behaving differently in V5. When milling a pocket, after each depth pass, it does a full retract (surface+retract height) before moving to center and plunging again to next depth.

@robgrz What’s the process for reporting “bugs” in these software releases? Hardly anybody posts to your release threads, so I always wonder if there is another channel that people are taking to get the info to you?

Most of the bug reports have been privately sent so far.

Can you post a file that shows the behavior you’re seeing?