Carbide Create V7 Question- Keyhole toolpath

I’ve seen more and more references to people trying to work out how to make keyholes in CC. We’d be open to adding that as a toolpath in V7 so I’d like a little feedback.

To simplify, we’d probably define the location with a circle, like the drilling toolpath, and then you’d define how tall you’d like the keyhole to be, and what direction from the center, Y+, Y-, X+, X-.

We’d probably implement the toolpath as a plunge, line to the end and back, then a retract. We would not offer to “expand” the keyhole with a pill-shaped toolpath.

The simulation engine cannot handle undercuts so the simulation would just show a pill-shaped pocket. There’s no way around this one.

Would that be valuable?


Yes. That would definitely be valuable…and a nice addition.

You would allow it to be rotated, etc. right? So it can be put in at any angle?

EDIT: Graphically laid out, yes? In other words, not just with X,Y offsets in numbers, but with visual tools?

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My thinking is that that it would be defined by the entry hole, which would be selected like any other vector, and then by a length and direction values entered in the toolpath settings.

Does anyone really create a keyhole at a non-90-degree angle?

Yes, please add the keyhole tool path!


Yes…often at 45’s. It depends on how you’re looking to connect pieces.Not just for hanging, but for coupling pieces


Can you share any pics of how you use them for coupling pieces?

Things I’ve done - off the top of my head:
tilted shelf supports
plates sliding onto wooden bases with a push and slide mechanism (at an angle)
Bed rail mounts on a bed with a slanted rail

I’ll try to drum up some images…

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Diamond shaped plaque? i.e. a square rotated 45 degrees


Good call, arbitrary angles are in.


Turned out to be easy enough, here it is in CC V7 Build 714:


I would love having a keyhole toolpath.

Have you tried the new beta?


  • (NEW) Keyhole toolpath

Yes, it would be very helpful!

Im probably the least qualified person in this forum to be running a cnc. Lol. I used the keyhole tool path on some plaques and it was very user friendly. The only issue i had which wasnt really a big problem is that i originally set it to cut a 2 inch keyhole slot but then changes it to 1.25 inches. When i ran it, it still cut it at 2 inches. Probably something that im doing/not doing, but im going to play around with it some more tomorrow.

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DEFECT [717] Keyhole changes are not recorded in the UNDO buffer

If you change a keyhole toolpath’s length or angle, you cannot UNDO that change. Depth does work. Changing vectors does work. Changing bits does work.

But the new fields, Length and Angle cannot be Undone (or Redone).

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It’ll be fixed in the next build.

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What bit are you using?

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Been thinking of getting a keyhole cutter, much like this one. A question that comes to mind is chip extraction in the ‘blind’ or ‘buried’ section of the cut… is it an issue or not?

I haven’t had an issue at all. The finished keyholes have been coming out virtually empty with no burning.