Carbide Motion 4 Any chance of new key commands?

(John Clark) #1

I was wondering if there was any plan to introduce macros or new key commands in carbide motion. I know I can jog and set increments, but I would love to be able to bind the rapid position locations, custom locations and the load file dialog.


(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #2

Make that suggestion at and we’ll see what folks think.

Until then there’s:


(Luke (Carbide 3D)) #3

This is something we are talking about, but at this stage nothing is defined/planned. I’d be keen to hear more on this.


(Stuart) #4

They should go for a basic / advanced option in CC, a lot of people leave CC because it doesn’t offer much functionality past homing and feed override


(Julien Heyman) #5

I would love to come back to CM (from UGS/CNCjs), what would bring me back is:

  • the ability to have a few programmable buttons you can hook G-code macros to.
  • visualization of the loaded G-code file (just copy/paste the rendering engine from CC, that will do)
  • bonus point for live display during the cut of where the tool’s at
  • the ability to jog as I please after I set zero.
  • a cleaner MDI/G-code shell

(Rick) #6

I’m with Julien on the macros and shell part of things, but the thing that particularly gives me grief is that I have an HDZ, and with CM I can’t get the full range of travel out of it (even with 4.17). In order to surface my whole wasteboard, I had to use CNCjs - CM wouldn’t let me get to the left-hand side.

With the SuckIt/wings installed, the range seems appropriate, but without it/them, not so much. Basically, with both this and the probe dimensions, I’d like to be able to provide my own measurements (or, in the case of range-of-travel, have them read from GRBL).

While I’m on a rant about CM, the MDI thing is powerfully irritating. I’d love to not have to click a “done” button when the “do something else” tab was right there staring me in the face. I’ve mostly adapted at this point, but I still get a little thrill of “oh, stop that” every time.

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(Julien Heyman) #7

Or, open source it and let us improve the heck out of it :slight_smile:
I know it does not match Carbide3d’s model, but I figured I would ask once every year anyway :slight_smile:


(Rob Robinson) #8

Julien: it’s slightly OT, but why would you like to come back to CM from CNCjs?

Now that my Pi4b running cncjs is stable (knock on wood) i LOVE being able to send Gcode to the machine over wifi, and not have to worry about knocking over a dusty laptop, etc.


(Julien Heyman) #9

it’s just a matter of UI taste, I initially liked the simplicity of CM, and there is maybe a bit of nostalgia from these first few months of using the Shapeoko :slight_smile:
But for now choosing CNCjs is a no brainer, indeed


(Luc) #10

How about listing where (line) a job is stopped at and the ability to restart from a given line.

A timer would also be nice.

I know that there are several offerings but wouldn’t it be better for C3D to offer users most of that required functionality for their product.