Carbide Motion 4 Any chance of new key commands?

I was wondering if there was any plan to introduce macros or new key commands in carbide motion. I know I can jog and set increments, but I would love to be able to bind the rapid position locations, custom locations and the load file dialog.


Make that suggestion at and we’ll see what folks think.

Until then there’s:

This is something we are talking about, but at this stage nothing is defined/planned. I’d be keen to hear more on this.


They should go for a basic / advanced option in CC, a lot of people leave CC because it doesn’t offer much functionality past homing and feed override


I would love to come back to CM (from UGS/CNCjs), what would bring me back is:

  • the ability to have a few programmable buttons you can hook G-code macros to.
  • visualization of the loaded G-code file (just copy/paste the rendering engine from CC, that will do)
  • bonus point for live display during the cut of where the tool’s at
  • the ability to jog as I please after I set zero.
  • a cleaner MDI/G-code shell

I’m with Julien on the macros and shell part of things, but the thing that particularly gives me grief is that I have an HDZ, and with CM I can’t get the full range of travel out of it (even with 4.17). In order to surface my whole wasteboard, I had to use CNCjs - CM wouldn’t let me get to the left-hand side.

With the SuckIt/wings installed, the range seems appropriate, but without it/them, not so much. Basically, with both this and the probe dimensions, I’d like to be able to provide my own measurements (or, in the case of range-of-travel, have them read from GRBL).

While I’m on a rant about CM, the MDI thing is powerfully irritating. I’d love to not have to click a “done” button when the “do something else” tab was right there staring me in the face. I’ve mostly adapted at this point, but I still get a little thrill of “oh, stop that” every time.

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Or, open source it and let us improve the heck out of it :slight_smile:
I know it does not match Carbide3d’s model, but I figured I would ask once every year anyway :slight_smile:


Julien: it’s slightly OT, but why would you like to come back to CM from CNCjs?

Now that my Pi4b running cncjs is stable (knock on wood) i LOVE being able to send Gcode to the machine over wifi, and not have to worry about knocking over a dusty laptop, etc.

it’s just a matter of UI taste, I initially liked the simplicity of CM, and there is maybe a bit of nostalgia from these first few months of using the Shapeoko :slight_smile:
But for now choosing CNCjs is a no brainer, indeed

How about listing where (line) a job is stopped at and the ability to restart from a given line.

A timer would also be nice.

I know that there are several offerings but wouldn’t it be better for C3D to offer users most of that required functionality for their product.