Carbide Motion: BitZero cycles for all 4 corners

Hello, I realize this had been requested before (link), but I wanted to bump it.

Often times when flip milling I’d like to reference the same corner when setting my WCS, but it’s inconvenient/impossible to put that corner in the bottom left or put the bitzero there due to workholding. I often then need to put the bitzero at a different corner and manually probe X, Y, Z - which wastes time and can lead to mistakes (I’ve forgotten to probe Y after probing X, or have mistakenly machined into my wasteboard because I forgot to move the bitzero on top of the stock and therefore set the Z offset 3mm lower than intended).

Given that a user can manually zero on other corners by going through the cycles individually, what’s the challenge in implementing directly in Carbide Motion as a one-click cycle?

My suspicion is it creates a more complex interface and creates another possible way in which a naïve user can make a mistake.

We’ll put it in as a feature request though — it would work if the tool would probe for Z along the perimeter of the circle (but that would pretty much require using a probing pin, not a tool).

I was expecting in the interface after you click “corner probe,” there would appear an prompt asking which corner, with 4 buttons/graphics to choose from.

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