Carbide Motion doesn't jog and move rapid position in Build 521


My newer Macbook (Catalina 10.15.7) has Carbide Motion (build 521), and the older Macbook (Yosemite 10.10.5) has the old version Motion 4.0.428. Both jog and rapid position work in old version, and everything else is working properly.

But the new build 521 doesn’t jog or move to rapid position after initiation. Not sure if it’s something wrong with the software or the OS on new Macbook. Please help :slight_smile:


Did you send the configuration on 521?

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Thank you @WillAdams! It worked!

I had another symptom when upgrading to 521 that was resolved by setting the configuration. The machine would initialize fine and check the tool height on the bit settter but when trying to use any of the manual jog buttons x, y, or z, + or -, it would only move in one direction, +Y.

It’s definitely not clear in the settings window where you can select your machine type. Maybe a tooltip or something would be helpful?

Anyway, just thought I would add this if anyone is running into it.

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