Carbide Motion - Feature Wish List

I’m aware that there are other senders on the market, but ~for the most part~, this noob kinda likes the CC/CM ensemble that C3D provide for use with their machines. I’ve found the tools pretty straight-forward to learn (yet by no means ‘master’!)

I created a similar post for Carbide Create (Carbide Create - Feature wish list:), but as I continue to learn and invest time in these tools, have thoughts on some possible “improvements” (in my mind!) for Carbide Motion too… please bear in mind that I’m referring to the current ‘live’ versions, not Beta versions of future editions (that I have neither downloaded nor trialled, so if these features are included, please forgive me).

  • Cancel Job option… The amount of times I’ve accidentally selected/loaded the wrong file (ie: for tool change purposes), and hit >Run<, then realize immediately (admittedly) my error and wish to cancel… but can’t! The only resolve I’m aware of is to shut down CM, shut down the Shapeoko, then restart both (and in the process, go through the whole re-homing process again), THEN reloading the correct file… a PITA!

  • Job Timer… would LOVE that CM included a timer while actively running code (that would pause when jobs pause, and resume when the job resumes) so that the user has an actual understanding of the real-world time invested in each job/run

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