Carbide Motion Jog Issues

I’m using a Microsoft Surface Go 3 to run carbide motion. I don’t think it was the best choice since it has only one USB C port. Aside from that, jogging with this device is not for the faint of heart. When I touch the x, y or z buttons the machine will jump 2 or 3 increments. Zeroing is not fun, especially in Z. I’ve crashed into the part surface a couple times. I have also had the spindle just take off when pushing the buttons, that’s not fun either. Is this a hardware or software issue.

Touch screens seem to have a tendency towards doubled button presses for some folks. (I’m down one delicate 45 degree V endmill because of this)

My solution was to use a small device as a pendant.

The default keyboard shortcuts are set up for a numeric keypad to work (some folks use wireless):

or you can re-map button presses on a game pad:

Some folks use a game controller or a dedicated unit.

I’d be surprised if you can’t adjust the key repeat delay on the surface. I don’t have one, but it uses windows as the OS, right?

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Thanks to all. The operating system is Windows 11. I’m not sure how to adjust key sensitivity.

Are you having this problem w/ pressing the on-screen buttons using touch?

Or w/ using the keyboard shortcuts for jogging?

the on-screen buttons using touch

I use a Surface Pro. It jumps as you say. I was able to find a dock with multiple USB ports and I use a wireless mouse and keyboard. That works perfectly.

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I just got a Bluetooth key pad and it works pretty good using the hot keys. It will still jump if I get heavy handed but much more controllable. I will play with the keyboard sensitivity and see what I get. I also got a dock with multiple usb a ports. Should be good to go. Thanks to everyone for the help.

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